In Attendance; Russ & John

Karra; Hello.
Russ; Hi Karra.
John; Hey there.
Karra; Okay down to healing questions, do we have any to start off with? Johnny?
J; Yes I was going to get a flu shot and I know in years past sometimes it depends on the vaccine they use, sometimes they work good, sometimes they make people sick, sometimes their totally ineffective, I donít even know what their using this year. Should I go ahead and get one?
Karra, WellÖ.itís up to you. It depends on how bad the flu is that you might get.
J; Well the odds of getting the flu in this community are veryÖ.
Karra; High.
J; Right. And with my life style and with skiing and all, that adds to it.
Karra; I think you just answered your own questionÖand whatís happened to Markís voice? Itís making me sound a little husky?
R; Want me to get you some tea or something?
Karra; No, Iím fine. I think it be all right for awhile. I think you answered your own question by listing all the negatives that there are. So I would say that itís your own choice. I canít say for you get the flu shot or do not get the flu shot.
J; Yeah, Iím going to get the flu shot. Youíre right, I answered my own question.
Karra; And that is as Tia would say, a very good question to ask. You have opened up the thought processes so that by talking to us or speaking out loud, youíve worked it through.
J; Thank you.
Karra; Youíre welcome. Next questions please.
R; I have a friend who is going through some distressing life changes right now and Iím concerned for her health. Is she looking at problems either physically or mentally because of this?
Karra; Ah yes. Both, which one do wish us to look at first?
R; Letís start with physical health.
Karra; Physical health, well obviously thereís the depression of the immune system through stress. Sad neglect because of not feeling worthy or good. People in that situation tend to be almost constantly sick. Also the fact that drugs and alcohol are present and she could end up walking down that path. She has to be very strong to avoid that particular danger, because once she walks down that path, itís going to be a long hard time for her to walk back out of it.
R; All right the mental.
Karra; Okay the mental. Itís very similar to the physical in that being constantly battered down mentally that sheís not worthy to have anybody better, that she is stuck in the victim cycle. You know, if I do this right, he wonít beat me. He wonít abuse me further. But if I donít do this, say for example clean, if I clean the house the house looks nice but he doesnít like that. But I want to clean the house so sheís in a quandary, what doeís she do. So she ends up doing nothing. And by becoming inactive it gives her too much time to think on trying to please this person and thatís all she thinks about, is that sheís not worthy. If she leaves him, and I will put money on this if I had some, is his comments will be that you will never make it on your own, or words very close to that.
R; Or try to break her down.
Karra; Exactly, by breaking her down, her self esteem becomes very low. She becomes reliant on him and pleasing him. Now if she gets pregnant, the situation gets worse.
R; Well now the time where she has to make her own decision and those are going to be the most important for her. Karra; From listening when you and Mark were talking to her we saw that she was open to your suggestions and Marks coercion but they will have to be reinforced through out the future. Now I would like to add about coercion. Now this is open for either of you to comment on. Is what Mark doing with his coercion good or bad?
R; Good.
J: Good.
Karra; Why?
R; Because heís trying to help someone else and heís not using it for selfish reasons.
J; And heís also refining his techniques so itís a duality there.
Karra; Exactly. Now, if he coerced her to go to bed with him, is that good or bad?
R; Bad.
Karra; Why?
R; Selfish motives.
Karra; Johnny?
J; UhmmÖI donít see it as being bad if his motives are not selfish. If thereís more than just sex to it I donít see it as being bad. Karra; Both of you are correct actually. UhmmÖ. If it to make her feel guilty so that she gets away from the dangerÖyou know the motive is a very tricky area. The motive has to be of the most purest kind. And if he enjoys it that is irrelevant.
R; I donít know Karra, that playing in some serious gray areas there.
Karra; Exactly.
R; I mean if you want to stay in the third dimension for the next couple of lifetimesÖ.
Karra; Not necessarily.
R; Yeah but itís just such a fine line. Weíre not evolved enough to make that call or to fine tune our coercion down to that kind of motive. I mean thereís going to be other subtler things going on there thatís going to cloud that coercion from the start. I mean thereís no way we could have your or Omalís focused type of coercion.
Karra; No, but it would be the ultimate test of your coercive ability.
R; Yeah, but what if it fails, itís not worth the price.
Karra; But what of the price it succeeds?
R; Itís negligible.
Karra; No itís not. Itís a great step forward because it is the difference between coercion in a negative form and using negative coercion in a positive form. Iím not really qualified to put it into words properly, Kiri is but Iím not.
R; Iíll ask Kiri then. Iím sure sheís had to deal with this a couple of times herself.
Karra; Yes I think she has but I canít answer for her.
J; Whatís your thoughtís on it Karra?
Karra; My thoughts are that Mark would never do that in the first place. But I had to say it to explain a point on coercion.
J; Yeah, I donít see Mark doing that either.
Karra; The one thing that really impresses me about Mark is his high moral standards. But also there is the negative side of his high moral standards. He tries to live by his high moral standards and frequently he makes mistakes of expecting other people to live by those high moral standards, and when they fail, heís disgusted.
J; Mark is a man of honor, thereís no doubt about that. But he needs to learn to live with people with different codes of honor than himself and myself. Russ is a good example..(laughs)
Karra; (also laughs)Yes Russ has no honor.
R; I have an area code if that helps?
Karra; Which oneís that? The 916?
J; Yeah, 916.
Karra; I was just joking. I prefer the area code 69 (all laugh). Okay, last healing question before I pop out.
J; Mind if I go first Russ?
R; Please, age before beauty (all laugh).
J; As far as the planetary healing in the consciousness of the people of the planet becoming more aware, I see it happening amongst all the corruption and (expletive) that goes on. I do see it happening, how do you perceive it?
Karra; Yes it is definitely happening. More people are aware of what is going on. Tia just handed me a little note in spidery handwriting that looks very similar to Sirian but not quite. Itís just about legible, but what it says is that a politician was accused on a TV political analyzing program that he wanted to pollute the air and the water and his reply was ĎíI breath that air, I drink that water, why would I want to pollute itíí. The person that was accusing him just talked right over his statement. This person who was accused showed that he even though he was making money through big business, he was very concerned with what is necessary to heal the planet so that their life can be improved and made better. That is that people who have always been looked upon as money grabbing industrialists are just as concerned if not more, than those that arenít politically concerned. Russ?
R; No questions for right now.
Karra; I have to go now and make room for the next time. See you later.
R; Thank you Karra.
J; Yes, thank you.

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