Letter From The Editors

For June of 2021

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   What is life like post-ascension? Why work so hard on a goal so tenuous? What is the point of living a life of love and light, fighting against the darkness, often alone with no one among your friends and family in support of your goals and ambitions spiritually? Knowing would certainly give the effort more impetus and establish hope that all the development gained over thousands of lifetimes led to a worthwhile goal. Well, with Karraís help, we will try to express the life lived in one dimension to those living on another. For anyone just meeting us, I'm the third dimensional half of this writing team while Karra is the half already on a higher dimensional base of Ashtar Command's that is helping the human race not only get to her dimension but be able to stay there once ascended. That is what this editorial is for, to help prepare those on an ascension path of what should be expected after reincarnation no longer takes place on this dimension. We will go over what life is like on Sirius as well as examples of those speakers in the archives we know that have already made the transition. Finally, we will offer our version of a checklist of things to consider if ascension is a serious goal. It wonít be an end-all to how to change dimensions since there are infinite ways to reach the same place and instead will present some of the information collected from the archives to better prepare anyone wanting a life that values mental achievements and higher consciousness living.  

   First off, there are no strangers on the higher dimensions. Knowing the shared past lives of someone upon meeting them makes any meeting a reunion. That is one of the reasons why there is no need for money, laws, wars, or bias of any kind. Another is that it is a society of telepaths who share their thoughts while also able to see the auras of anyone so therefore being deceptive is pointless in a society hundreds of thousands of years in its development that has had the time needed to get it right. Then, there are the lifespans of up to a thousand years that allow plenty of time to take advantage of all this freedom from the stress of the third dimension. When old age starts to set in at three hundred and the body is starting to feel the centuries, it gets rejuvenated back to a body in their twenties then to do it again at six hundred. This may sound like a paradise, paradise has a price. To achieve the freedom a higher dimension provides means giving up some of the freedoms of the third dimension. Weíll explore those further in the final paragraph while getting more into the benefits of living in a more regimented society. Most everyone in that society has one or more mental abilities that carry with it moral and societal responsibilities. Ascension from one dimension to the next leads to another set of lives with these ones dedicated to helping others achieve their ascension goals. That help may even include being a member of Ashtar Command stationed on a base on a planet near Earth called Mars where you were a former healer but are now an ambassador to your home planet helping to write these words. 

   An obvious question right off the bat is how can someone on the third dimension live up to the lofty standards described? The answer comes in the form of two speakers found in the archives of the channeling sessions at the Hades Base News. Kiri is a regular speaker channeling through Mark Crocker and Lyka could only channel when away from classes at the Sirian State University. Both are experiencing their first life on a higher dimension after having lives both memorable for them and those interested in the history of the Earth. Kiriís prior life before ascending was as Hatshepsut, one of the few female pharaohs of ancient Egypt who came to the throne with the death of Thutmose II. Lyka is younger than Kiri which explains the fact that her past life here on the third dimension was that of General George S. Patton. All of this was revealed in our channeling session posted in February of this year which begs the question, how can two individuals that we know so well in our history books and are responsible for the deaths of perhaps thousands find themselves on a higher dimension? Obviously, they had learned nearly enough to ascend and just needed the lessons of those final lives to complete the transition. But, what stands out that both had in common? That would take an entirely separate editorial though what jumps out immediately is the regimented order both individuals lived with daily. Upon waking, their day was essentially already arranged with their input the major deciding factors. Both had many under their command which were their responsibility, both seemed to create new karma for themselves, and both helped tens of thousands through their ideals. Presumably, their negative and positive actions canceled each other out and nothing more was needed. 

   How do you squeeze hours of recorded channelings about life on a higher dimension into a single paragraph? Instead, we will describe how a society functions differently than the world we know and understand. The overview may provide a clearer view of how you would live once ascended. Education starts prior to birth when past lives, mental abilities, and gender are all determined ahead of time. On Sirius for example, a career path is established based on those skills where someone strong in healing would be a healer during their life though there are exceptions. A person can be a student for as long as they like or take on their profession right out of the university which is also optional. There isnít a cost for anything and there isnít a paycheck. Service to others or Sirius itself and trading with others takes the place of currency. Knowing the past lives of your own and others you meet plus telepathy are key differences with life on this dimension. The primary motivating force that makes everything run smoothly is that everyone on their dimension has thousands of lifetimes on ours and knows the differences well. Acting against society is really acting against yourself. The driving force is to one's home on Sirius as we hear from Karra in this month's channeling session. Even if that means keeping the oaths that Sirus has made with planets in the third dimension to assist in their ascension progression. The risk of death and the chance to be reincarnated on the third dimension again is always a factor in that enlistment in the Sirian Defense Force but the possibility of dying on a different dimension is worth the risk. Sirius has several continents along with a single president and representative council to oversee planetary and extra-planetary affairs. If you can check off that you are good with all of the above then you are well on your way to being member of just such a society. It will be our eventual future and planning for it now also makes our planet a better place in the meantime.     

In love, light, and wisdom as one, 

Russ and Karra