Letter From The Editors

For July of 2021

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   The next dimension, both a goal and a destiny. For some, it is a goal already reached where the required lessons have been learned and ascension is an experience they know very well. They've already been a part of a collective consciousness, they've had mental abilities they used along with telepathy being as easy as breathing. But let's say that it is a first ascension and coping with the change of dimensions becomes  a challenge. Despite the considerable resources that are brought to bear, a longing for a third dimensional life is invulnerable to the counseling provided. Or, perhaps many lives on the next dimension creates a longing to help those not yet ascended which becomes a driving force to bring back all that has been learned to those waiting for the lessons. The next incarnation may be a long way off but, when it comes, it is back to the third dimension to either relearn some required lessons or find ways to become a teacher of higher dimensional knowledge. For either reason, an unconscious purpose is established that drives the individual to a tenuous goal that does not yet have a name. All that is left is just memories that fade away into a dream of a time where love is a way of life. When further dimensions beyond the third become a part of that person's knowledge base, the goal gains more familiarity as it begins to trigger old memories. Now that goal has a name to go with the purpose and that name is ascension.

   Who are these descenders? Some may be easy to recognize and some less so. The clues are in the words and actions of descenders since they themselves may have no way of confirming that they have already ascended prior to their life back on the third. We too can only guess but we have the added benefit of hindsight. We may be wrong, but we're looking at this from a research standpoint, it gets the mind thinking on what qualities one finds in someone who just spent their last life helping others. One potential descender that comes to mind immediately is John Lennon. He set the standard for someone looking to pass on a message that would reach the most people in a way all could embrace the message. The song Imagine comes from someone who has been there and done that. Other potential descenders are Gene Roddenberry and Carl Sagan. They showed us other worlds, other races, and realities to wrap our heads around. Some, like Mr. Rogers, lived a life one would live if just being nice to others was a way of life. Maybe none of the above have yet to ascend and these are only wild guesses. Karra knows her dimension very well and I'm getting to know it better every day so this editorial got us looking for clues for others who had been there. Maybe someone reading this editorial? Does this life on the third dimension feel alien to you, like you are trapped in a world you do not recognize? Who doesn't? You may have a better reason than most though if this life is just fulfilling the needed last steps for an ascension where there are no more descents.

   As mentioned, there are two main reasons for descenders to be here in their roles as teachers and channels. Imagine a life where your commitment was to a planet and its people, or an organization and its ideals as opposed to living for oneself. Where it would best be called advanced Earth because that is what will be humanity's home one day. Similarities abound as well as differences. It is the differences though that some may not be able to accept and so they return to the third dimension to learn lessons on sacrifice and compassion. Thinking of we instead of I as the greater good becomes the deciding factor in decisions made. Or, with a desire to take it to the streets, others may incarnate back on the third dimension to relive what it is like on the third dimension. Omal described his having a possible future life back on the third dimension from where he is now on the seventh dimension as being like us picking up an old book to read once more. Sananda descended from an even higher dimension during his time performing miracles and teaching others how they could follow his example. Today's descenders have time and technology as their advantage. Time because of the confluence of events require their participation in the world right at this time and technology because now the descenders are able to coordinate their efforts in reaching others across the world like never before.

    So now they're here and more come every day, each called to a purpose and a need to see humanity back to where they have known a different way of living. They channel entities from the higher realms, they create music that transports the listener to far away places, they write books or create movies that inspire mankind to be kinder, they heal the sick and feed the poor or they create webpages to pass on what they learn from fellow descenders. All are continuing on a journey of enlightenment where knowledge replaces money on that journey because it is far more valuable. As descenders return to a life of a higher purpose, the lesson of money has had its graduation and money comes as needed to fulfill that purpose. As the need for wisdom and patience is at its greatest, they come with the lessons planned before birth. As the connections with other descenders and those in need of a connection with a descender are established, a web of consciousness grows out from those connections. That is a vision of the future that will inevitably come to pass because the process has already begun. At one point, descenders and those connected to descenders will outnumber those who are in the early stages of their ascension path. Nikola Tesla, another possible descender, saw that day and tried to bring it to life before its time. That day is coming into its time and what Tesla faced compared to what the descenders face today was far more difficult. These are the golden times that can only get brighter.  

In love, light, and wisdom as one, 

Russ and Karra