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    Welcome to the month of July from Karra and myself. This month the focus of our editorial is on the effect that the internet, the media and even this page has had on the consciousness of the worlds at large.

    We will be seeing in the next few weeks, the combination of a pair of movies concerning UFO's, alien contact and the cooperation that they ''fictionally'' have with us. The first, Men In Black, is a comedy, sci-fi movie about those mysterious strangers who appear at the front doors of those who have extraterrestrial contact or sightings. They are portrayed working with and against alien races. The other, Contact, is Jodie Foster playing a woman who learns of a beaming to Earth, configurations of a device to bridge interstellar distances.

    Between these two movies and the interest shown by an increasing number of people on the internet and in everyday life about life on other planets, an interesting phenomenon is taking place. World consciousness is awakening to the fact of what we have been saying all along, welcome to the multi-verse. We have stopped seeing us as a lonely planet in the universe with only this form of life to represent all living things. We have for decades now been opening our minds to the possibilities that there is life on other planets and some of their sciences are far in advance of ours. You who are reading this page share your interest in it with many other beings on the base who now peruse it on a monthly basis just like yourselves. Using an old analogy, these personal of Ashtar Command wake up in the morning and put their pants (or togas) on just like you and me. They go to work at their respective jobs which usually have to do with overseeing our safety from other races who don't respect our rights as individuals. Someday we will join them as part of the greater consciousness of races. Some of us already do.

    In the meantime, let's live as they do. Respectful of each others rights, understanding that life on any planet is a membership in a family many trillions of beings strong, defending the rights other others who have not the ability to defend themselves from those who would take those rights away, rejoicing in the knowledge that all of our lives have brought us here for the grand purpose of being here and finally, looking at a sunset and realizing that many light years away and many dimensions in-between, someone else is looking at a similar sunset and thinking the same thoughts.

    For those of you on the base reading this, and those of you reading this on Earth, we thank you for adding your energies to a consciousness we all share. We are all linked on this path to enlightenment and we all depend on each other to learn from our mistakes and successes, joys and sadness. We will leave you with this thought, learn and teach what you learn. Soon all will be made clear when we look back on our lives in wonderment and laugh at all that has brought us to a future we can be proud of.

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