Letter From The Editors
For January Of 2014

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The Second Coming- Of "The Plan"

A message to "All"

Part four of four

Bobby McFerrin- Verses 2 & 5

"In every life we have some trouble, 
when you worry you make it double. 
Don't worry, be happy.

Cos when you worry, your face will frown, 
and that will bring everybody down, 
so don't worry, be happy.

Don't worry, be happy now."

    Simple lyrics to a simple truth that we are part of a well-choreographed plan taking place in all dimensions, alternate realities, and timelines simultaneously. What part we play is an individual's path to discover but what we can be sure of is that we are not finding it alone. We have guides from dimensions other than ours to help us discover our part and purpose. Even Sananda had a part to play which has been documented over the last three months and it can now be revealed how his life then made our lives easier now.

    Each life rolls along with varying degrees of dramatic experiences from birth to death with some deaths more dramatic than others. Affecting us life after life subconsciously, we carry over the changes as we progress up the evolutionary chain of reincarnation. It would be hard to find one as dramatic as Sananda's trial and crucifixion but if he could go through that and emerge practically unharmed three days later, there is little we could go through to match it. Suffering, pain, and grief are a necessary part of the life experience but he reminded us the opposite is also true.

    While what we do is not set in stone, our actions, even the mundane ones, are designed to advance the plan with us as it's co-creators. The lessons from those actions happen as we bring them into existence from our pre-reality matrix. A perfect fluidity permeating the interchanging realities constantly splitting off from one another all the time. If we understood the true power of a thought or the creative forces words unleash as he did, we would devote our lives to the careful creation of both in the now. Now is what determines the future and now is when it must be envisioned.

    Sananda said in the "Fulfilling Oaths" podcast not to crucify ourselves as he had some experience with that. Said in jest at the time, the deeper meaning is brought home. We are our toughest critics where we should instead be instead our biggest fans. Congratulate yourself, you are fulfilling your part of the plan splendidly. No one can or should fault you or your actions including yourself as they interlock perfectly with the actions of countless others living out their lives in dimensions and worlds far beyond one's local solar system. What we think and do is never insignificant. Sananda pointed this out emphatically and gave us an example to follow. Calm, impeccable actions with a sense of humor, key to many successful and happy lives.

In love and light as one, 

Russ & Karra