By Tia for January 10th

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     The Committee for the ski teams votes 4-1 in favor of using the older and more reliable monitoring devices. For the up coming tri Base races. This means there will not be any use of psychic skills without the judges knowing about it.

    There will be a party for the team members this coming Friday night. All are welcome. Be there or be squared. Those attending from Earth will of course be in Astral form but donít let that keep you from having a good time.

    Children from the base's day care centers will be given a tour of the lower Hydroponics center. Younger Children will be touring the research center for child development.

    The Healers center will open its doors. This is so that some of the base personnel can have a look see on what is done there on a daily basis.

    There will be a birthday party for Sheled who will turn six this Monday.

    There be a birthday party for Reshin who will be having her last and most important birthday. She will be turning 21. We wish her all the best and may she have a long life. The    men that are single on the base are asked to bring a gift for her.

    The will also be a bonding party for Helesit and Jeey .May they have a long union.

    (Editors Note); For those who were wondering, yes, this webpage does get sent out and read on the base. Since Tia supplies us with the items of interest. If it seems like some of the news items are not meant for us, that is why. For those of you who are adept at astral travel and would like to visit or attend some of these events, let us know and we will direct you to the necessary greeting area.

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