The Island

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Bob lived on an island.

    It was a fairly large island but pretty small compared to the ocean that surrounded it. It also was fairly primitive compared to the other islands that shared the same ocean. Nonetheless Bob shared the island with some five billion other people who had no evidence to the contrary. Bob and the other inhabitants of the island had built boats that allowed them to sail the ocean around the island and a couple of little atolls that were it's neighbors. They even built devices that let them see quite a few islands completely unreachable with the small boats they had. Some people theorized that maybe there were other people who lived on those islands just like them, but they too had been unable to build boats capable of traveling great distances across the ocean. Bob wasn't satisfied with not knowing for sure so he built a new kind of boat. This was a boat of the mind, not only capable of traveling across the ocean but through dimensions that separated his ocean from many others.

    Bob set sail one day in search of other people who lived with him on the ocean and made a great discovery. It happened completely by accident after a storm tossed his boat from one dimension to the next until finally he found himself on the shores of a beautiful island. Coming out to meet him were tall fair skinned people beautiful to look at who welcomed him with open arms for surviving his perilous journey. They took him back to their leader who explained to Bob that they were just one race of many that sailed the oceans in a navy of very advanced boats that looked over small islands like Bob's. He told him that their were other tribes who might hunt on Bob's island and their navy tried very hard to keep them from doing so. Next he took Bob on a tour of the island. It was incredible to believe that such a place existed with such wise and wonderful people with such devices and ships that it boggled the mind.

    Next the leader took Bob down to his boat and gave him instructions on how to get home and a promise that from now on Bob would be able to become a living transmitter for himself and others of the island. They would be able to speak to the people of Bob's island and help them grow consciously until one day Bob's island could join with the leaders people as members of that great ocean of many dimensions. As Bob waved goodbye to his new found friends he felt as if he found his purpose for living. This he thought would change the world as he knew it and bring peace to the masses of people on his island that still fought over land, killed neighbors over religion and color of their skin and sought only to survive from day to day.
   When he arrived home and brought this great revelation to the people, he was laughed at and seen as a foolish dreamer who nevertheless had a great imagination. Bob refused to give up and told his story anyway, not caring who believed but only wishing that someone would listen. Finally someone did listen. Others began to listen too and as the leaders words were heard by more and more people, the world began to change. Slowly at first, but little by little other people began to build boats as Bob did and others began to hear the teachings from across the great ocean. People began to question the reality they had tried so hard to believe in and Bob knew that given time, each person on his island would realize that the island was just that, an island among many islands populated with billions of beings who could live as one.

Bob no longer lives on an island.

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