Kiri; Yo, Dude.
Russ; Hi Dudette.
Karen; Hi Kiri.
Kiri; OK, in all seriousness, how to coerce. The important thing to remember about coercing is is it right? Is the person you're coercing the right person to coerce? Are you coercing them for personal gain, their gain, for self improvement, understanding or, protect them? You have to weigh all these facts before you can start to coerce. It is better not to coerce if you are not sure or even have an slight inkling of doubt. Now this is a beginner how to coerce. It's not an expert how to coerce, it's not an intermediate, it is for the person that has no knowledge on how to coerce effectively. How do you coerce? Well coercion is quite simple, it is implanting a thought into somebody's head that is not their own. What is coercion? Coercion is getting somebody to do what you want them to do, either by the voice or mentally. Now the thing about using the voice is that it is very different than using the mind. With the voice they can hear the coercion, they can feel the coercion and they can have it coming right at them. Mentally, they do not hear feel or see anything except for the desire to do what they think they want to do which may not be what they want to do.
OK, how do you coerce? Carefully. As I said at the start the question is not should you coerce? Because if you have any doubt, YOU DO NOT COERCE. End of subject, end of topic, end of how reading, end of how to coerce. However, if you feel it is right to coerce, then you proceed along these lines. First of all, make eye contact. If you decide to use your voice, you use reason and logic. You talk to them in a soothing tone. I don't know why I'm lowering my voice to a soothing tone since you guys reading this won't be able to hear it. But, you lower your voice to a soothing tone and you use logic to persuade them to do what you want them to. You would run along these lines, ''it's not right for you to do that. It is harmful to you. Let us do it this way.'' The wording will be different for each circumstance. For example, let us say that you have a person that is about to go out and go skiing. It's a beautiful day, the conditions are ideal, but you feel that that person should not go skiing because you feel that person is not in the best state of mind or health to go skiing. In fact they could be in a dangerous state of health where they're going to do something foolish. They could be in actual fact overconfident and you would say ''OK, let's do something different today. You know we've been skiing the last few days, let's take a break today. Let's go off and do what you want to do but not skiing. Let's go have a picnic on the beach. Let's go somewhere you haven't been before'' and you would insert where you want to go. Let us say you lived where you live, you might say Virginia City to see the mines. Use would use inflection and tone in your voice to manipulate them in a way to thinking that skiing today maybe isn't such a good idea. That going down to Virginia City to see the mines would be an excellent idea. Under no uncertain circumstances get angry when you are coercing. When you get angry, you lose control and you can have an adrenaline overload and coercion goes out the window. You may succeed by using anger but then you're using a different mental attitude where they're feeling guilty which is not good. That is where coercion for the good becomes negative. Now, if you're coercing with the mind, you think of one word to start off with. For example, a person's about to walk out the door. You think stop. You picture the word stop being sent to them. You continue talking to them so they are open and receptive. You visualize the word stop and you can actually say it in your mind…..stop. You project it into their mind in big bright red letters like one of your Earth stop signs. You think this thought and picture over and over again as you continue talking to this person. You can talk about how beautiful it is outside or windy it is outside. But, when you send the thought, pause for a second. Think of the word…stop in big bright red letters. Then wait for the reaction, continue talking to them and wait for the reaction. If they stop, then you would take the next logical step. If you want them to come to you, you would picture the word….come in big bright white letters and you would go through the same process of visualizing it being sent to them.
So, when you coerce, the simple steps that you follow are;

Use a soothing tone in your voice if you are using voice coercion.
Use a level head when coercing.
Maintain a path that is open and truthful.
If you are using mental coercion, visualize the word in your head. For example…STOP
Visualize it being projected to them.
Pause in your conversation and watch their response.
If you want them to come to you, visualize the word come in big bright letters.
Maybe at the start this doesn't work, but that's because you may not be a coercer. Nat everybody is a coercer. Just as not everybody is an astral traveler or a PK'er or a manifestor or a healer but, it depends on the individual and it takes practice and time to coerce. So coercion is a tool. REMEMBER, never use it for personal gain. Never coerce for your own needs. Never ever coerce to have a hold over somebody. Never ever use it to achieve you own goals. Never ever, ever coerce for sexual needs, this is the most common use of coercion or I should say common misuse of coercion. Lastly, if in doubt, do not coerce at all. It is better that the person go off and walk their own path than for you to interfere and create negative feelings, emotions and reactions that will change their karmic path. The karma that comes back on you will be equally damaging. That's all I have to say on this for the time being.
R; All right then will end this session then.
Kiri; see you later.

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