In attendance: Russ and John

Kara; Greetings.
Johnny; Hi Karra.
Russ; Hello.
K; How’s it going gentlemen?
J; Good.
R; Good.
K; OK, Let us get down to business. Healer’s Hall, what do you wish to know?
R; In your bio, you mentioned using a chemical compound combined with crystals to heal. Let’s work a little with that.
K; OK, what is your question?
R; Maybe you could describe it a little bit for us.
K; OK, using such chemicals as iron, after all, we all need iron but it is in such a minute amount that it is a little hard to explain. You use very minute amounts of chemicals. For example, calcium mixed in water apart from leaving a horrible taste in your mouth is quite useful but there are other ways of getting these compounds such as calcium through milk and it’s very useful for bones and hair. So the chemical compounds I’m using are actually included in the food so it would be more accurate to say nutritional chemical compounds.
R; AHH, that clears that up.
K; Yes.
R; OK, now as I remember we were working at one time on somebody who had broken their leg and you were talking about the use of magnets around the cast and the use of crystals to heal it. And now we’re finding similar healing techniques being used down here on Earth with the use of magnets.
K; Very strong powerful magnets. What is actually happening is that it is stimulating pushing north and south together, pull together, generating a field that pulls.
J; Would those very powerful magnets be electromagnets?
K; They can be but electromagnets have to be shielded from the rest of the body because they can have detrimental effects. The generating field of an electromagnet has to be very high and intense, to be that harmful to the body.
R; But regular magnets will do the same job?
K; Yes, but it will take longer. The magnets that we use on the base are very, very powerful over a short distance and then dissipate quite quickly.
R; Do we have anything similar down here?
K; Electromagnets to a certain extent but of course these magnets are charged in a different way in their magnetism. The magnetism is much more intense than the ones we have up here over a shorter area. Electromagnets, their energy field dissipates quite quickly.
R; As I recall, we have discussed the use of Bio-magnets. Now how does that field compare to the ones you use?
K; UHMM, they are similar but their also quite different.
R; They're weaker?
K; Oh, much, much weaker and even though they accelerate the healing process, it is not as rapid as it would be up here with our much more intense and stronger magnetic field. There are magnets up here that are actually quite capable of leaching out of your body the iron. They are that powerful. So it is necessary sometimes to ingest iron in minute amounts to individuals that work in this field. They will ingest more iron than they actually need because they know they are going to lose some of it.
J; Are you familiar with magnets that you wear in your shoes?
K; Those are Bio-magnets.
J; Oh, so we’re talking about the same thing?
K; Yes.
J; I ask because I have a pair. Do you see any benefits from them?
K; UHMM, yes and no. Don’t expect a lot because the magnetic field is not as intense as would be necessary to heal. However they’re very soothing and relaxing and make you feel comfortable. It is something that is useful.
R; Could doubling the magnets double the field?
K; Not as much as one would like.
R; Now besides working with healing broken bones, what other uses could we find with using Bio-magnets help in the healing properties of the body?
K; Oh, there are many, many uses that could be used. UHH, cuts, scratches, headaches believe it or not.
J; How about wear and tear on your legs?
K; Yes.
J; I was told because of the work that I do…….
K; Well that goes back to wearing them in your shoes and the soothing effect that it has. You see, when something is not as tired it will last longer and when a muscle is tired it is working harder to pump oxygen and blood to the extremities and therefore takes more energy. Something that makes that easier is very useful and that is what those Bio- magnets do.
J; Do the Bio-magnets that we buy on this planets wear out after a certain period of time?
K; Eventually yes, but it is something that takes quite a long time. I wouldn’t worry about it in your lifetime John.
J; Oh really, so the pair I bought a couple of years ago in Sedona are still functioning and working OK?
K; They should be.
J; OK.
K; If they’re not, you got ripped off. They’re not real magnets.
R; Now what if you were to hook up a battery charge to one? Would that increase their effectiveness without the debilitating effects of electromagnets?
K; No, it wouldn’t increase the electromagnetical field as much as you are implying. Yes it does increase it but it not a dramatic jump. You have to remember to have positive to north and negative to south. Otherwise you are realigning these poor suckers and if they lose alignment, what happens?
R; They lose their magnetism.
K; Correct.
R; Now, working with crystals and magnets?
K; OK, now crystals are more an energy supply to the spiritual being to recharge the injured individual. It is quite common for someone that has been hurt, to physically drain of energy and this is because the body’s immune system is fighting the infection or fighting to repair itself. So what do you do? You use crystals to reenergize the individual or, if you happen to be fortunate enough to have healing crystals, use the energies from those focusing in on the harmed area and what this is actually doing is the energy that is already in that area focusing on healing is being directed by this crystal, let’s say it is a laser crystal right, you use a sweeping motion, what you are doing is focusing the energy in that area with a sweeping motion and augmenting it with a healing crystal which is helping to heal by sweeping the energy into a useful cohesive unit.
R; So could you use magnets along with this?
K; Yes but sometimes it is better to use a combination of healing techniques.
R; Right, I was wondering about the combined power of crystals and magnets?
K; Yes, you would use them simultaneously or one after the other.
R; OK.
K; All right, we’re running out of tape and I have to go so I’ll see you later.
J; Goodbye Karra.
R; Yes, goodbye.
K; Goodbye.

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