By Omal

On the Evolution of the Mind

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    Greetings and felicitations and welcome to this communication medium. It is my pleasure to discuss with you the theories of the evolutionary levels of the mind. The purpose of the evolution of the mind is to progress on to a spiritual being of a higher evolutionary level.
    Much as five to seven million years ago, your ancestors moved around in the undergrowth on all fours , climbed trees occasionally, stood upright occasionally, and were pretty much a primitive humanoid lifeform. The evolution that is now occurring is much like this, from a primate to a human and from a human to the next obvious step which is the development of the mind. The mind is a wonderful tool and the development is a necessary evolutionary level. Advancing to the next level is easy to achieve. This is done by looking within and learning and growing. To look within, all you need to do is meditate. Understanding what you see in your meditations will help you to the next step. The next step will be in the future but the development that occurs with this is something that will cause trouble and strife for those that do not have the drive or the desire or the comprehension for what is to come. May you have luck with your learning.

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