Kiri and Karra's Grandmother is a nun on Sirius who was in charge of the care of Sarah during her last days. No one but family members knew she was on the base and they had been sworn to secrecy so that she could be in seclusion during this time. She is in her 800's but is in very much control of her faculties as this transcription will show. The trip from Sirius tired her out but she was well rested enough to answer a few questions prior to her departure the next day. This is the second time we have been honored with her presence in a channeling session.

Tia; We have a special guest speaker that has been kept under wraps since she got in on Thursday. Can't give too much away at this time except for use this learning well. Ask the appropriate questions. Use your opportunity to it's maximum advantage.

Grandma; Hello, how are you?
Russ; Very well, who do I have the pleasure of speaking to this evening?
Grandma; You've talked to me before.
R; OK, in what capacity do you serve Ashtar Command?
Grandma; I don't.
R; Is this Kiri and Karra's grandmother?
Grandma; Yes.
R; Well, greetings and welcome.
Grandma; Thank you. I see we are missing one from when I was last here.
R; Yes, we're down to just me right now.
Grandma; Oh.
R; Is the trip very tiring for you?
Grandma; Yes.
R; Well we'll try to make the most out of our time together.
Grandma; Little pointy eared one (Tia) says wise things for one so young.
R; She's very intelligent and learns things quickly. I would like to thank you for your time with Sarah and all that you did for her.
Grandma; It is not necessary to thank me, it is something I do from love. Love for all things. Even if she had been one of the gray skinned ones that did the harm to her I would help in the same capacity. The capacity for love and understanding regardless of the race and the harm that is done is the first golden rule. To love all things regardless of how they are tainted, to love them for how they are and not what they are perceived as.
R; That is an ultimate lesson.
Grandma; One that I think she learned very well.
R; In her letter to us she said that she had finally found her goal, her purpose in life.
Grandma; Yes.
R; That purpose was to find her own self I take it?
Grandma; The words she wrote on ink and paper were the first steps towards forgiveness. The final understanding and realization of love for all things including herself.
R; So she found a very important key?
Grandma; I do not know what a key is.
R; The key to the next step to evolution. Omal has used the illustration that we go through life finding keys that are important to unlocking our unconsciousness.
Grandma; Ahh, a precursor event.
R; Yes, and she found a key to unlock one of the major doors.
Grandma; We will see whether that is so.
R; Have you been in communication with her since her passing away?
Grandma; Yes.
R; Now on a side note, I've been studying guides and how they work with us. Could you please enlighten me on their function and how they interact with us?
Grandma; I cannot fully explain their function as being in contact with them, they wish to work in the way that they work best which is without you knowing their full purpose and function. When you spend time on a level with them, you know more of them. So to give away their secrets is a harmful thing to do.
R; So we really need to ask them ourselves?
Grandma; Correct. Each watcher has a unique function concerning the person or being that they watch. So each watcher serves a different purpose for different beings, even one being of the same species to another. It is important that they are individuals such as you with your likes and dislikes and pains and sufferings and memories that they have to work with in a way that they see is best to enable you to advance.
R; I understand. So in doing so it helps them to advance?
Grandma; Yes.
R; Now you have an opportunity to speak to hundreds of people who read these transcriptions…….
Grandma; I am aware of that. My granddaughters keep me advised on what is said in a spiritual nature so I weigh my words carefully to give them maximum meaning. Not with inane drivel or playful mischeaviousness, I no longer seek or crave those pleasures. The life that I live is the life of the mind. The body that I live within is the vessel to be nurtured and to be kept in functioning order so that I may continue to do my work and by doing my work, spread help and joy to those that the help and joy. I am but a drop of water in an ocean that brings light and ripples of happiness within that ocean. The function that I do is a little function but one that I think helps all beings whether they are little and gray, Reptoids, or Peladians, or Arcturians, or Earthlings, or Sirians of red, white, blue, green or whatever color or pigmentation of their skin. Now, do you have any questions?
R; One more if you don't mind.
Grandma; If I minded I would not have asked now would I?
R; (laughs) No you wouldn't. I was in a discussion yesterday with a friend of mine concerning parallel lives and how we create the reality that we live. Within that reality comes the lessons that we bring with them to help us progress down that conscious path. In your opinion, what would be a way to take the most advantage of that.
Grandma; Tell your friend that it is best to enjoy the moment, to understand that tomorrow is important. Learn to understand and forgive all but not to be soft on all. It is necessary to stand on what one thinks is right. Not to be deviated from the chosen path by…..I lack the word to explain, let me word it differently. Not to be deviated from the path by whims and errands that are frivolous and wasteful that lead down dead ends that you have to backtrack to continue on the correct path but to follow the logic and the true feeling within the mind. With logic, feeling and the heart, the pathway of life with all it's twists, turns, sorrows, happiness', joys, pains, sufferings, is more bearable. To put it in a casing, think, feel, understand, plan and act. Act accordingly, do not deviate from the chosen pathway. Remember others. Do you understand?
R; I do understand, thank you very much.
Grandma; You are welcome.

Omal; OK Russ, a golden opportunity, let us hope it is audible. Let us go over Grandmother's discussion with you. It is all good, it was well thought out on both sides. You could of gone and asked a few more questions concerning spiritual growth but that does not matter as that what you have is good material.
R; She sounded a bit tired.
Omal; she could have gone a bit longer. She leaves tonight and it was her request that she was kept cloistered. Even her granddaughters visited her briefly.
R; Yeah, I had no idea.
Omal; Karra was told not to tell as was Kiri. She wanted to spend time laying the pathway as she put it. Making the bridge over easier and I think the work is almost done as she will be departing tomorrow.

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