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 Tia; Greetings
Russ; Greeting Tia
T; What does the chronometer say?
R; 8:41.
T; OK, Weíre live and on the air. Down to business.
R; All right, tonight weíre working on Tiaís tips.
T; Tiaís tips on astral projection. Here we go then. Let us look closely at the various types of astral travel. The first type is dream travel, which is the most common of all types of astral travel. Most people at some time in their lives have experienced astral travel in their dream states and dream travel is by far the easiest and most safest way to astral travel. It is quite common for people to have dreams of flying or of places that they have not been to. Some times people dream of places that they knew when they were young but not as they once were but as they are now. Other people dream of loved ones and sometimes they go to them in their dreams. It is one's most deepest wish to be some where you really want to be. Before you go to sleep you MUST picture the place you want to be in your mind. I cannot say how important this is. Now you have the picture in your mind, and as you fall to sleep you have to keep picturing the place that you want to be in your mind. Once you are asleep, your mind will possibly take you to that place. I say possibly because sometimes the mind will be filled with the happenings of the day and this will override your wish to be somewhere that you have programmed into your sleep. Dream travel is not as good as normal astral travel.
    There is the second type, involuntary astral travel. This occurs when somebody is not feeling at their peak and they wish to escape whatever ailment that they have and sometimes when lying in certain environments such as a warm sunny area which is comfortable, they will feel their body floating up above their physical body.
    OK, the third type of astral travel would be better to call it more on the lines of remote viewing. This is where you almost leave your body and yet youíre still connected and stretched out over a long distance or a short distance even. You are able to view what youíre looking at and also hear the noises from around the area of your physical body. You can also answer questions in this state. This form of astral travel is quite easy because all you do is achieve a meditation state where you are still conscious yet you are also disconnected from your physical body.
    OK, the forth type of astral travel is where you actually physically leave your body. You are aware of your body, you are aware of noises, but they are more remote and in the distance. This is one of the more harder types of astral travel to do because it involves consciously programming your destination and where you wish to go whilst still leaving your body and being aware of your body. This is the type of astral travel that novices use for as I said this is one of the more difficult types but it is quite easy to do because it is a programmed thought process that you go through whilst meditating.
    OK, the next type of astral travel, or astral travel type five, is where you physically leave your body in the astral form and are no longer conscious of your body in such that it no longer matters. This normally comes after a lot of practice and experience as an astral traveler. I myself use this method. This method involves shutting down all unnecessary functions of the body which includes hearing, smell, taste and touch. Youíre no longer aware of your surroundings, you are free to astral travel to wherever you wish, or as far as your stamina will take you.
    Finally, type six astral travel. This is where you travel as I described in type five but, you also manipulate not only the third dimension so you can travel, but also the forth dimension and other dimensions. This is one of the most hardest types of astral travel to do.
    Now of these various categories, there are sub types. Involuntary dream travel, ahh that is also very common. Voluntary astral travel in a involuntary status. What I mean by that is astral traveling and desiring to do so but in choosing it without desire. There are also other numerous sub types of astral travel as I have mentioned, these are just two of those. Now there is another sub type of astral travel. Which is where you are no longer conscious of your body, your body has been what you might say parked into a level of awareness where itís not aware of itís physical surroundings. This again is also a very hard type of astral travel that I am about to describe and this is where you leave your body but you assume a physical form in the physical world but in the astral form. Sometimes you are actually visible to other people but more frequently you are not. Individuals that are trained astral travelers in this, can also detect other astral travelers that are in this status. For example, the Dali Laama, he can see those people who are astral traveling in that form. There is another lama high up in the Himalayas that frequently has visitors from all over the world.
    OK, do you have questions for me? R; Yes, Iíll start from the last part forward. Now first off, how do you train yourself to see other people astral traveling like the Dali Lama and this other Lama?
    T; That comes from achieving their level of awareness, but they are master astral travelers themselves and therefore know what to look for, they know the feeling of somebody.
    R; Will Mark be able to do the same thing?
    T; I think that if he thought about it practiced, I mean he can sense me when Iím around.
    R; Even though he canít see you or hear you?
    T; I donít think he desires to, itís just the fact that Iím bouncing around and nine times out of ten I like to see what heís doing. For example he could be washing the dishes.
    R; The next question I have is that Iíve read about the kind of astral travel that I believe fits into category five in which somebody is in an accident, and then leave their body?
    T; That actually comes under involuntary astral travel, it is one of the sub-types. It is a trauma induced astral travel.
    R; OK, what if someone leaves their body while fasting?
    T; Again that is a trauma induced astral travel, because your body no longer has the necessary sugar levels or iron levels or any of the particular levels that it is used to.
    R; When a person wishes to appear somewhere else in the physical form, this is known as D jumping, correct?
    T; Kind of, D jumping is where you strip down your whole entire third dimensional physical being, veins, blood, all the way down to the molecular level and then you translate it to somewhere else. Like a teleport.
    R; Now a lot of people find that there is nothing inherently scary about astral travel in the fact that you have the possibility of leaving your body behind. Iíve heard this before where theyíre worried about not being able to come back, or they can get sick from it, or they can be possessed, how do you answer these questions?
    T; I answer by saying they are all possible. However theyíre chances of being possessed depend on how far advanced you are in astral travel. Most possessions occur with a experienced astral traveler who has become lax, has gotten himself of herself into things best not to be gotten involved with. Therefore their body becomes a gateway. Getting lost from oneís body normally occurs with novice astral travelers but it not a permanent condition. I mean they may lose their body and canít figure out how to get back, and by wandering around they will find theyíre body or they will find somebody who will guide them back. Just as there are entities that posses, there are also entities that guide and protect astral projectors back to their point of origin. What was the last question?
    R; Sicken and die.
    T; Sicken and die, Uhmm again it is possible to pick up sicknesses but this is because the astral traveler does not take care of their body in advance. And this is easily remedied by getting enough sleep, eating the correct diet, and taking precautions before and after. Some of the precautions that are useful to take before for a novice astral traveler is maybe a shower, a warm shower so that your body is perfectly clean and maybe again when you return so that you can wash off all the negative energy you may have picked up while you were gone. Also being totally relaxed and totally energized, if you have a low level of energy, youíre certainly going to lower your immune levels and astral travel does drain the physical body as well as the astral body.
    R; Now is there anything that you should do concerning the use of shields in the practice of astral travel?
    T; Umm, not really to start off with, once you get into the higher levels of astral travel then shielding plays a part in your astral form. Let me explain the levels of astral travel. There is obviously novice, very little experience with astral travel. Experienced, which has some experience and tends to astral travel within a localized area of up to 300 miles. Adept, someone that is quite experienced in astral travel and can travel a thousand, maybe two thousand miles radius in astral travel. Master, this is somebody who can astral travel and go explanatory but not very far, maybe as far as your moon. Also they have lots of stamina and a lot of experience with astral travel. Normally this comes after about five years.
    Grand Master, these are the bad asses of the astral travel world. I mean that of course in a positive way. They are like how would you describe it? Theyíre good. They can go explanatory, distance to them starts to become irrelevant. Two, three light years, thatís like getting up and walking across the room for them. Ten, twenty light years, thatís like walking across the street. Fifty, a hundred light years, now weíre getting into the serious range for them. They can do that on a regular basis. They can some of them who are border point to the next level, actually transpose to different dimensions.
    OK, the last level, Paramount Grand Masters. These are the elite, the best. I estimate there are no more than a dozen on your whole entire planet if that many and these are the real heavy dudes. Very serious, distance totally irrelevant. Walk across the galaxy no problem, walk to the next galaxy no problem, to the next galaxy, now youíre starting to stretch a little bit but they can do it. They can dimension jump to different dimensions, forth, fifth, sixth dimension is a bit of a workout for them but it doesnít present to much of a problem. These are the individuals who have a fifty to sixty percent chance of ascending to the next level of evolution. These are the individuals that can be a little bit on the strange side. They can be very cranky, they can be very arrogant, very nice, very mellow, very relaxed, very helpful, very protective. All at the same time almost. This is because they are developing to a higher level. These Paramount Grand Masters are the individuals that as I said, can be very protective. Not only of themselves, but of their knowledge and the people around them. They are capable of all levels of astral travel, form remote viewing to dimension jumping to traveling great distances, they also have a lot of curiosity.
    R; Are there any in public life we would know such as the Dali Lama?
    T; Yes, he is a border point Paramount Grand Master or he could be a Grand Master.
    R; You donít know any Paramount Grand Masters in Public Life?
    T No.
    R; What kind of life would they be living? Austere and away from everybody?
    T; Eccentric. You see, Mark is almost a Paramount Grand Master. Almost. Also the other part of a Paramount Grand Master is the speed of thought. They can travel to anywhere, anytime, any dimension just by thinking about it. Sit down, close their eyes, relax, think about where they want to go and bang, theyíre there.
    R; What about their body here?
    T; Their body works fine on itís own.
    R; OK, that should do it for now then.
    T; OK, faawer (Durondedun for goodbye) Iíll put on the next speaker.

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