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     Well once again the news for the month is in memory to another fine lady. Last week Sarah, of whom we have followed closely in the last few months passed away. She had been in extreme pain that had been growing but was dealing with it in a convent on Sirius. She had planned for her death ever since learning that even the advanced sciences of Hades Base could not help her.

    For those who have just joined the News, Sarah had been abducted by the Grays and subjected to horrible experiments which caused irreparable harm to much of her body. She had been rescued by the pilots on the base during a routine search of a Gray ship and kept on the base to undergo healing. With the end in sight and her body failing her, she learned as much about the sixth dimension in her last months that she could and came to forgive those who caused her death.

    She asked to be buried on Earth and that request has been fulfilled. She had a special coffin designed for her she has now been laid to rest. With her death comes the reminder of one of her last wishes. She wanted to have at least one person learn from her experience. I feel with the publishing of her final letter to us on the webpage that many will come to a better understanding from her words. While no one should ever have to go through the experiences Sarah did, her lessons can become our lessons, her compassion can be a light that may help us all grow.

    We at the Hades Base News and all who knew her on the base wish her a peaceful transition between lives and a wonderful future in a brighter tomorrow. Her transformation came at a very high price that she paid willingly in the end. From the constant agony of living came the joy of knowledge of things we are just beginning to understand. Time and experience are wonderful teachers and someday when we can thank her in person, remember her as someone who finally found purpose in life and passed that on to all who wished to learn.

    Farewell Sarah, blessed be to one who showed the way.

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