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Greetings gang,

   This edition of the Hades Base News is brought to you by the Celestine Prophecy. An excellent book by James Redfield as most of you probably already know. Everyone else, I highly   recommend it. In it, we see the path to our evolution into a higher consciousness neatly mapped out with each step of the process laid out in an orderly fashion. Of course each individuals path will have millions of various alternatives that they will encounter along the way but the basic principles can be found in itís nine separate insights that can be applied immediately.

   The first insight deals with taking coincidences seriously, as we do so we begin to see the interconnectedness of all things and our journey to a higher plane of existence begins.

   The second insight asks us to grasp the significance of the last millennium in relation to our physical presence in this space and time, looking at how we have progressed from sheer material survival and how we really havenít progressed all that much.

   In the third insight we begin to deal with energy and how the vast amounts of it that surround us and embody us is actually unseen and the affect our thoughts and actions have on this unseen energy, directing us and helping us take a new view on life.

   The forth insight encompasses the last two and shows how we compete for energy if only on an unconscious level and the three various techniques we use to do so. They break down as such;

-The controller, an aloof individual gaining attention from staying above it all and forcing others into giving their energy to find out more about him or her.
-The interrogator, this individual questions someone else and finds those things wrong in their lives to criticize and those gain power and energy from them at their weakest point.
-The poor me syndrome, everything is wrong in this persons life and the sympathetic energy flows as a result.

The fifth insight shows how to break these traditional forms of gaining energy by receiving energy from other sources. The book describes seeing energy by seeing the beauty of a thing or a person. Energy then flows from it or them and we return the energy in due course thereby helping in that individuals growth or our own when it is from nature. A great improvement from long held habits that have held us back from seeing the true beauty of life and how the universe provides all the energy we need.

   Breaking the control dramas are the subject of the sixth insight and essentially encompasses the forth and fifth. It shows the need to clear the past and see the real you by looking back over your life and seeing where the particular control drama you are in began. In most people it usually began in their childhood from our parents. Try making a conscious decision when you find yourself lapsing into that drama to take a step back and reassess your approach to that situation.

   In the seventh insight we are shown the importance of our dream state and the necessity of paying attention to the signposts they set for the path we are following and use them for guidance in selecting the best course for our lives. These include daydreams and unbidden thoughts.

   The eighth insight introduces us to using energy in a new way starting with children. Treat them as adults in many ways and try not talking down to them thereby empowering their minds. It also goes into being observant of who we talk to get the answers we require along with not becoming addicted to others and thereby stopping our growth. If we look at the first eight insights as a path that we follow and can maintain we come to the ninth.

   The ninth insight describes the future of our planet with a critical mass of human beings consciously or unconsciously reaching this understanding and transforming this Earth. The voluntary decrease in the population, living in powerful and spiritual places while energy needs are met by clean and efficient sources. No need to control others while we know what to do and when to do it. Boosting each others energy to vibrating together higher and higher and following our intuition in each situation and watching each other grow. Lastly, the need for currency stopping due to the love we show for each other and helping each other maintain their existence for the growth that they stand for and give to everyone else.

   While this might sound a fanciful dream with impossible goals, I know a place where all of these things are happening as we speak. Of course I am talking about Hades Base and the inhabitants of the higher dimensions. Impossible to reach? One has to just read the channelings coming from there to know that it will be our eventual goal but the effort has to be made by each of us to reach these so called lofty heights. In fact it is just a mental shift from one consciousness to the next and we can begin from any moment we choose or restart from any place we stopped from. Nonetheless, once begun it is impossible to turn back and we have spent centuries to reach our present state and have centuries to go to reach theirs. Letís not try to take that long if we can help it though.

   One last thing, while I can summarize from such an excellent book as the Celestine Prophecy, I recommend reading it to gain all the insights contained within. The insights are presented in an exciting adventure that keeps you involved from the first page. My gratitude to Mr. Redfield for helping to make the mission of Ashtar Command so much easier.

  Russ and Karra
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