In Attendence; Russ And John

Omal; Greetings gentlemen.
Russ; Greetings Omal.
Johnny; Hi Omal.
Omal; What shall we discuss tonight?
Johnny; The photon Belt.
Omal; Ahh yes the photon belt. What do you wish to know?
J; Do you have any updates on it?
Omal; Well we have basically gone over as much as we can go over without getting into mathematical formulas and the higher end of quantum physics or astrophysics which is almost a language all it’s own.
J; O.K. I’m interested in the people I’ve mentioned this to and getting more information on the spiritual ramifications.
Omal; O.K., I will repeat what I have said in the past. Basically that is all that we can do and discuss that which we have covered already because you start talking about the energy flow being equal to the amount of output generated in a relative level to the input of a negative waveform conforming with…….that may sound a little hard to follow but the meaning of the words are not as they appear when you talk in astrophysics.
R; What you put in you get out?
Omal; No. You don’t, it doesn’t work that way. That is not what I said. What I said would take ten minutes to explain in layman’s terms but, the spiritual level is being increased the energy of the photons which brings up the spiritual level to a higher understanding. In return for this higher understanding, your abilities become more easier to use and more available to get to. By having a higher spiritual level, you think in a more spiritual way. Having these abilities readily available and more accessible than what they were increases your spiritual awareness.
R; I remember you saying that it is shifting around, it’s not a constant?
Omal; yes, it is a flow and an ebb, as we said. It is a cloud with gaps in it and you are moving towards a denser patch. There is a lot to be said about the photon cloud. There is a lot on how it interacts with you.
J; Does this affect astral travel?
Omal; Yes.
J; In a positive or negative way?
Omal; It depends on the individual. It depends on whether the individual is a natural talent or is using artificial stimuli. Artificial stimuli of astral travel at this time will no longer be a step up and across to a dead end but a step across, no dead end. No advances. Just a step to one side.
J; Are there astral travelers that are using artificial stimulation?
Omal; Yes there are a lot. Some of them have been very disappointed recently having their abilities knocked down. Some of them are very strong astral travelers that are using artificial stimuli and it is harder for them to astral travel. They learned to use these artificial stimuli as crutches. The natives that take peyote to astral travel are finding it hard, their still doing it but they need an increase in the amount of peyote to achieve what they normally could do.
J; Could you give me some more examples?
Omal; Certainly, let us say that somebody uses hallucinogenics to astral travel. It is harder for them and they need an increase in the hallucinogenics to become free and enter into the astral level. Or marijuana? Somebody that smokes marijuana to be able to free up their astral body will find it harder and they will need an increase in the amount of marijuana to get up out of their bodies. Some individuals have realized that it is a dead end and they need more and more to achieve the same effect are taking less and less and are trying to do it bare brained. By using these artificial stimuli, any artificial stimuli is actually at this time making it harder. The way that the photon cloud is interacting is that it is bringing up your spiritual level. Not the spiritual level plus the artificial stimuli, but just your natural ability. There are other abilities that are being affected. Coercion, that is being affected. Manifestation, that’s been affected. Oddly enough, healing has not been affected. We’re still looking into that. There are individuals that have learned to use photonic energy to increase their abilities. But it not the natural increase that one would expect from the photon cloud. It has had no effect positive or negative on healing. PK surprisingly has also not been affected and we’re at a loss as to why these abilities have not been affected.
J; Fascinating.
Omal; OK, let us move on to the next question.
R; This is something I want to work with both Tia and you on……Defcon 2?
Omal; Oh yes. The reason why Tia very quietly as was stated went to Defcon 2, is the fact that it (the stock market), has passed the 6,500 level of margin with some quite interesting jumps. 73 points in one day, that is rather alarming to make such a large jump. An average day will be a fluctuation of 16 to 25 points. The fact that since the election, it has grown 3% in size is alarming. In 15 days it has jumped .a huge amount, 3%. Look at it this way, if you had three million dollars and in 15 days you increased that by 3%, how much is that?
R; $90,000
Omal; quite a lot of money isn’t it? So by looking at it that way it has grown very, very rapidly. Now, in the last two days it has dropped 50 points. I believe it has just dropped below the 6,500 mark. I’m not too sure as Tia is still compiling her figures from today. So, Tia is calling Defcon 2 on I believe it was Monday?
R; Uh Hmm.
Omal; She knew that the drop was going to occur. You have reached a level of either two things, The market on Friday will recover and rebound and increase 50 to a 100% or, it will continue the down drop. Now, the individuals that are into the market that will see a down drop will start to worry. If in the next few weeks it drops below 6,000, then you might start to worry because people will start to behave in a way that will worry them. Let us say you have your $90,000 profit, you’ve just lost that. If the market continues on the downward trend, you’re going to start to lose money. You have two options. Pull out or stay in. It depends on the individuals nerves whether or not they stay in. Let us say that it drops to 5,500. You have the same option, to stay or to leave. But the fact that it has dropped another six percent as opposed to the three percent is something to worry about. More people start to pull out, what happens in turn? It drops again. Those that stay in, may recover some of their losses. Others, when they pull out cause it to drop further, at this point it becomes very tricky and dangerous. When the drop starts is the time to start watching the stock market very carefully, and the news. Prices on goods start to go up. Inflation starts to go out of control. People will start talking about a major recession. At the moment you are in what they call a bull market. A bull market is where it is growing. A bear market is totally the opposite. It is a matter of time before the bear market happens. In 1929 you had a great bull market. People were making fortunes. Along comes October the 28th and suddenly you have a bear market. The similarities between now and then are there. And each day they come closer and closer to being the same sort of circumstances. There hasn’t been any rumors going around the stock market yet, but the thing that is keeping the stock market going is technologies. If technologies start to have trouble, then the market will definitely crash. OK, last questions from each of you please.
J; Even though Russ and I don’t invest in the stock market, you’re giving us this tool to use and keep an eye on as far as the flux in general?
Omal; Yes, it is a tool to be used to keep an eye on things. For example, Russ is involved in the stock market in an indirect sort of way. How it affects the indirect sort of way will affect Russ. Does that answer your question?
J; Kinda.
Omal; Kinda…….OK.
Russ; This is a situation similar to Johnny’s Eboli theory that you brought up in the fact that is this something that should be on the web? Would it help or cause even more problems than would help?
Omal; It might cause more problems than it would help. It is already there though. It is already out there. There are people whispering that the bear market has grown unnaturally and they’re concerned. They are sitting and seeing what will happen at this time. They’re not investing even more money. Tell Johnny how you are indirectly involved in the market and whilst that happens, live long and prosper and I’ll be back.
J; Thank you Omal, see you next week.
R; Farewell Omal.

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