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For December of 2021

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AT&T: Atlantean Telecommunications and Teleportation

   We are not the most advanced race of people ever to inhabit this planet, that honor go to the Atlanteans though we are not far behind. In the beginning, Atlantis was colonized by seven races who had come from the planet Sirius looking to initiate a paradise on a new planet away from the division they had left. At the height of its power, tens of thousands of years later, the continent of Atlantis had everything as far as society could ask for but lacked some resources only found on the other continents. Having anti-gravity technology allowed access to places where those resources could be mined and brought back or exotic delicacies to entice the palates of those in the capitol. At this time, ships from Sirius still were arriving with colonists and supplies while returning with those going back home and items available only on Earth. Contact with Atlantis from them and Atlantis back to Sirius was essential so a plan was devised to maintain communications with the outlying settlements and the homeworld. Thus was born Atlatean Telecommunications and Teleportation. One would think such a project could only last as long as its builders and they would be right. We as a race inherited those pyramids and places of power as the decedents of the progenitors of the human race. The challenge of that legacy is relearning how to access the power and potential without causing the same outcome as before.

   The project managers decided on a two-step solution to the problem by determining that they needed both direct and indirect means  by way of reaching these far flung locations. Powered by crystals which also facilitated the link, a remote communication center could either link back to the source or act instead as a cell tower where information could only be received and not sent. The two types differed markedly in construction and could be distinguished between pyramids for direct communication or crystals embedded into secret caves in key places that acted as cell towers for those for those just needing instructions and news. Connecting everything was a worldwide array of ley lines that carried the information along the ground to where it needed to go. This month's channeling session for the month of December provides exam
ples of both types of communication. As confirmed by Ashtar, pyramids built on the same angles as the Great Pyramid still can act as communication devices. With the right materials and power supply, teleportation is one of the pyramid's functions. Korton on the other hand discusses stories of the existence of a cave containing a crystal statue of a woman with a rotating crystal at her feet in Southern California. I have personally stood above the supposed spot and can attest that there are some strange energies that can be felt in the area.      

   The apocalypse that was the destruction of Atlantis affected the entire communication system. For the survivors who were not on Atlantis at the end it meant there was no longer contact with the other races and the technology they relied on no longer operated. There were no way back to Sirius after so long since contact and trade had stopped long before so the survivors began new lives wherever they already were until their interchanges with the local inhabitants merged their DNA in endless ways. Their legacy is our ability to continue the study of pyramid power and whether it has a place in helping mankind on its ascension path. The physical effects that take place within a correctly aligned pyramid on the same dimensions of the Great Pyramid have been well documented so lets review just what takes place in such a pyramid. Experiments have demonstrated their ability to maintain the sharpness of razor blades, keep milk from curdling without refrigeration, and dehydrate food left in it instead of it decaying and growing mold. Those and many more examples are attributed to the power of pyramids and they are just the physical effects. That is a science that defies science as it stands today and as such needs a new breed of scientists who are ready to open their minds to the incredible potential that still is yet to be fully tapped. Could we make such an ancient technology new once more? That will be up to those ready to see the power at work for themselves.

   So what is the status of Atlantean Telecommunication and Teleportation these days? It is a pale shadow of its former glory days but this is not to say it is no longer in operation. It is still a collection device for higher dimensional energy, it is also a communication device for those of a higher dimension to those of the third. Meditation within the pyramid is the key to unlocking the connection. Crystals and pyramids can be used to enhance that connection or supply extra power to the task at hand. Then there are the past lives. How many people alive today were there when AT&T was the cornerstone for communication in Atlantis? How many more are incarnating at this time because the technology is so familiar to times long past? The ability to communicate across the planet was the purpose of the network connecting all of the seven races and their extended outposts around the globe. Fast forward to the present and we have ways to reach anyone anywhere which opens up the possibility of taking the study of pyramids in brand new directions. Have telepathy experiments between pyramids or small groups working together within pyramids to enhance the merged energies of the group members. The field of study is wide open and we look forward to helping with all the channeled information we can on the subject from our friends at Ashtar Command.
In love, light and wisdom as one,

Russ and Karra