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 In attendance; Russ and John.

Russ; Hi Kiri
Kiri; OK, Kiriís corner, another page. Let me go ahead and explain flowers. Flowers are an indigenous plant to Sirius. There are three distinct types. There are the red ones, which are a pick me up. They make you hyper, you donít need to sleep, they make you think clearly, they make you very silly as well if you eat too many of them. Taking one is fine if itís a stimuli, makes you very happy.
    OK, the blue ones. These are a depressant. They make you mellow, relaxed, comfortable and even sleepy. If you eat more than you should, or overdose, it does not kill you but only makes you sleep for quite awhile. It is not uncommon for young individuals to enjoy these flowers and wake up a week later wondering what happened.
    OK, the last type, my most favorite type. UHMM these are the pink type. These are a sexual aphrodisiac stimuli. Very enjoyable, heightens all senses of awareness relating to sexual activity. The skin becomes very sensitive to touch, the erogenous zones get very stimulated very quickly and it can also prolong the act of lovemaking. Thatís why I like them.
    OK, that was a preamble on flowers. Now let me get sensible here. Meditation techniques. On Sirius, there is a tradition of deep meditation. This is where you get into a comfortable position, you relax and you look within yourself. You hold up your soul as it were and analyze it to see if it is where you think it is supposed to be. You analyze dispassionately what you have achieved, whether it is 58 years of life, a hundred years of life, five hundred years of life. You analyze all your experiences in this meditation status. This ties in a little bit with the blue flowers as to keep yourself in a non mode of emotions. We sometimes use blue flowers to achieve that linear line of analyzing what you have done, whether it is good or bad, positive or negative. You analyze it and see what you did wrong, how you can correct it. To achieve this meditational status, what you do is first of all you get relaxed and you go through a standard meditational technique of breathing. You do ten deep long breaths, then twenty short sharp breaths. You repeat this on and on until you achieve a status of peace. You may also select a mantra such as peace and harmony, peace and harmony and you will repeat this over and over in your mind as you take the deep breaths. As a novice, you might try practicing the mantra out loud in between each breath so that you have the deep breathing and the mantra going at the same time. Also, you can use as you call it a zen technique which is a hum (she hums) choosing a frequency that feels like it vibrates in the nasal cavity and in the cavity where the third eye would be. This will induce an almost hypnotic state and create a level of awareness that makes it easier to review what you have been up to. OK, any questions?
    R; Question, have any of the flowers from Sirius ever been attempted to be grown on Earth? For example, back in theÖÖ
    K; Youíre referring to the lotus blossom eaters?
    R; Not just the lotus, but also the poppies which might have mutated.
    K; That is a possibility but it would of had to mutated quite radically Iím afraid. The soil and climate donít appear to be correct but I donít know. We donít have the ships manifest of when they came to your planet.
    R; OK, letís shoot for the lotus then.
    K; OK, thatís closer.
    R; Now we donít have any examples of the lotus which have these same properties any more. We have stories of what lotusí did, and that was just the fumes of them.
    K; UH HUH.
    R; This goes back of course to Homer and the Odyssey in which the lotus eaters would eat the flowers and find themselves in that state that weíre describing here with the blue flowers. That kind of hints at the possibility of these flowers in our past. How do we research something like that?
    K; With the Odyssey, itís right there. Look up myths and legends, you will find Vishnu and references to I believe itís lotus blossoms.
    R; OK.
    K; You will also find it in Chinese cultures, Indian cultures, the Mogols.
    R; Is it possible then that weíre talking about dirt that was maybe brought from Sirius and kept in pots but later on it couldnít support good plant growth after a few generations?
    K; Thatís quite possible, yes that individuals so longing for home decided they would bring home with them.
    R; Sounds logical to me.
    K; Or, they were so addicted to these damn thingsÖÖ..
    R; But theyíre not addictive?
    K; Itís a physiological addiction.
    John; What about the healing properties of flowers, donít you use them when your menstrating?
    K; Yes, the blue flowers are used for menstration, cramping, bloating, it puts you in a nice mellow state of mind where it doesnít matter, it takes away the pain.
    R; And have they been able to condense them into a liquid like alcohol or tonic?
    K; No, it has been done in the past but it is no longer done because that makes it too potent.
    J; Are there any other medicinal properties?
    K; Yes, the pink ones make you more fertile.
    R; Thank you.
    K; Well, I suppose you donít need me any more?
    R; AHH come on.
    K; Actually I have plans.J; Itís been nice visiting with you.
    R; Good bye Kiri.
    K; Iíll see you later.  

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