Omal Explains the Photon Cloud


This is an Excerpt from an internet channeling session in Machu Pichu with Kiri and Tia. I was asked by Omal that it be included prior to his remarks.

Kiri & Tia; Lets us look at the photon belt. Some of you here tonight have had the feeling that something is building inside you. This is normal. What is happening is something that happened to my race long ago. This is the start of something wonderful. Others here tonight did not feel anything. .Again this is normal but what is happening is that your race like mine is going thought a change. What is to come will change you all. Some of you will feel the energy from the Photon Belt. At first this will only be a building feeling. But later you will start to manifest the signs of change. This will happen very slowly. You are the start of what will come. Now what is to come? What are the sign's you are manifesting? Well your spiritual level is being brought up to a level that is higher then what you have now. The things you will manifest depends on what gifts you have. Those of you that can control other with your minds must be most careful as controlling others minds can do you great harm if you do what only your self wants from that person in mind. Those of you with other gifts will fine that they are easy to use but again be warned DO NOT MISSUSE YOUR GIFTS.....BE WARNED MISUSE OF YOUR GIFTS WILL DO YOU GREAT HARM. What is the photon belt. Well it is an energy field that will slowly surround your planet. As I said it will happen slowly. Some of you many not see what great good the Photon belt will do. Don't worry in your next life you will know how to use your gifts and use them well. Sadly some people on your planet will fear the coming change that will happen. They may laugh. Don't worry this is normal also. The most important thing to remember is that you most love all things at this time and to help others. Because of the fear that those who think they know better, you should be careful.

In Attendance; John and Russ

Omal; Greetings and welcome. How are you Johnny?
John; I am doing quite well.
Omal; I see Russ has gone off to make tea. Okay, let us get down to business and address the matter at hand. Let me start off with a little speech on how you are doing as a group. You are developing along the guided lines that you have set forth yourselves. The development of each individual is progressing on a nice pathway of a spiritual level. It is important that you learn to work a little bit more closely together in matters of a spiritual level, that each of you have your own beliefs but yet these beliefs should be able to work together as a perfect unit. The understanding of your own personal abilities is also developing at a nice reasonable pace. It is not being hurried, therefore errant, and it is not being analyzed and being picked to pieces. So therefore it is not slow, it is arriving at the point that you yourselves, as I said before, have been predetermined. Okay, question please.
J; What can we do to bring us together closer as a group?
Omal; Uhmm, maybe sit down and eat together instead of Russ going upstairs and Mark sitting at the computer and you coming down here. Actually, you should sit together and sip some wine and plan a dessert while you relax and unwind at dinner. Talk about whatís on your minds. Eat together, remove the distractions of felines and radios and computers, in other wordsÖ.talk together. Tell stories, jokes instead of eating in separate parts of the house. Maybe once a week or every other week, this will bring you closer together.
J; All right, thank you.
R; Now you and Tia are not allowed to give us the answers of what will save our planet from the problems that happened on Durondedun and Sirius.
Omal; I think it is more of a restraint that Tia has on herself about what happened on Durondedun is happening on your planet and she restrains herself, which is wise. Yes we do have a non-interference pact but as Tia pointed out, if you said what the answers and remedies are, nobody would listen.
R; True, but you have given us a few clues over time?
Omal; Yes, I am a little bit harsher because I am the base commander I do have to follow the rules and set the example.
R; Now, when you mentioned working together, closer here as a group, that could exponentially mean also working together closer as a race?
Omal; That is your own analogy and assumption, it is not something that I can neither confirm or deny at this time.
R; Okay, On to the next section then, the Photon Belt.
Omal; Ahh, yes.
R; Currently thereís a lot of information on the web thatís pretty misleading and most of itís false.
Omal; Uh hmm.
R; I would like to focus a little bit on that so that I can get that on the web as soon as possible. What Iíd like is a dissertation that I can put on the web.
Omal; Okay, now what is the Photon Belt? Well, it is an energy field that will gradually surround your planet. Now let us look closely at the photon energy itself. The idea that it is a belt that will surround your planet is a misnomer. It is more of a cloud, you get gas and dense areas and thin areas that are not as strong as other areas. At first you will go through the almost nebulous part of the photon cloud that will have a little effect to start off with. People will be aware of the feeling that something is happening, that is true. What also is occurring is that the spirituality of people is becoming more aware. They are developing their abilities. Their vibrational levels are being brought up gradually bit by bit by the energy inflow from the photon cloud. The fact that it will surround your planet almost like a belt is understandable that it would be a misnomer to call it a photon belt. It would be better to call it a photon pocket, because you will be within the cloud as a spherical crystal is within the pocket. But what is occurring on a spiritual level is as I said, at first people will feel that there is something happening. I believe Kiri called it a building feeling, like something is building inside of you. And at times you will be outside of the energy cloud as at the moment it is just a thin wispy leading edge of the photon cloud. Later, as you penetrate deeper, I believe that will happen about 2014, you will feel more in contact with what has gone before and the possibilities of what is to come. With the development of the abilities, there will be a start unfortunately of the polarizing of those that are spiritually aware, those that think their spiritually aware and those that are not. All three groups will be poles apart. If it was possible to have three poles, that is what would occur. Individuals that feel that they are aware spiritually but are not will present the biggest problem. They will be in the majority but, they will be the people that will spread lies and dissent and push the two groups that could work together further apart. There are examples of these individuals that occur frequently in daily life. I have received reports about some of them. What occurs is that they use whatever medium they can, whether it is in your papers, in your entertainment devices, but they will push people away and cause problems. Some of them in a very odd turn of events will try to claim that they have abilities and that individuals that really do, donít. But what they actually do, is themselves a disservice by saying they have all these abilities and that somebody doesnít, they will actually push the people away from them towards the people that really do but claim that they do not. I think this should be enough for you to start off with or do you wish more?
R; No Iíd like to address now some of the more fantastical information thatís out there on this phenomenon.
Omal; Okay, five days of darkness? No. Ice age? No. Let me seeÖvolcanic activity increase? Nope. No increased earthquake activity though it might be entertaining to buy some beach front property and sell it to those people that believe so (laughs). Uhmm, the pole shift, no that is not going to be contributed to. Okay letís hear the rest of yours.
R; Our space time will be altered and our solar system will be thrown into a higher dimension?
Omal; I find that very unlikely. Next one.
R; Okay, all our energy on earth, batteries and electrical will be reduced to nothing and be null and void and we will be forced to use photon energy instead?
Omal; That one does actually have a ring of truth in it, but the fact that the energy will be drained, that is wrong. Photon energy will be learned how to be used and harnessed but this will used in an odd sort of way. Cold fusion in the next twenty to thirty years will become a reality. With cold fusion comes the ability to create an inexhaustible supply of energy. In return you will be able to create artificial photons.
R; It will last two thousand years?
Omal; That is close to the truth as well. Maybe with just an extra zero put on.
R; It will effect our gravitational field?
Omal; No.
R; All of our molecules and atoms will get excited?
Omal; Uhmm, yes but in an odd sort of way. The feeling of building, molecules and atoms not as such but certainly molecules and atoms within individuals, spiritual beings will get excited.
R; So it will alter consciousness?
Omal; I believe that is a yes but it is not the consciousness of the mind that their talking about, it is the consciousness of the inner self. Those that I stated that do have abilities will be more consciously aware.
R; The intergalactic federation has put ships in position to lessen the effect and fix our ozone holes within the first hours of entering it?
Omal; (laughs)
R; Increase solar flares?
Omal; Yes but that is not due to the photon cloud. That is just a normal natural cycle.
R; Temperature changes?
Omal; Again that is a normal natural cycle of your planet.
R; Okay, now Iíd like to go onto the physical aspects that are present that are being felt, on a personal note. And that is the feeling of pressure building, sort of like an atmospheric pressure almost in the mornings, an increased astral travel ability and an increased coercive ability?
Omal; An increase in gifts as Kiri and Tia put it last night.
R; Personal life changes.
Omal; Personal life changes cannot be attributed to the photon cloud.
R; Okay, now then, can we determine what part of the day we are experiencing the photon particles as we go through them?
Omal; Yes, you will feel the difference at particular junctions throughout the day as your planet passes through or the cloud passes over you. It will depend it is passing on the left side or the right side of your planet, the light or the dark side, to the north or the south, to the East or the West. You will feel it as it flows over you.
R; So roughly once every twenty four hours then?
Omal; Sometimes more, sometimes less to start off with. The closer you get to actually entering the cloud, the more often the occurrences will be. It is like watching an aircraft flying into a cloud, Sometimes you see it because there is a hole in the cloud, sometimes you donít.
R; So, well be fully into it by 2014?
Omal; Correct.
R; So weíll be approximately halfway through it in 2005?
Omal; Halfway to full immersion, yes.
R; Now, will this have anything to do with the predictions Tia has given us. In other words a visible effect on what will be going on?
Omal; It is really hard to say how the majority of the people are going to be affected by this photon cloud. The last time that it passed, there was already the occurrence of great disarray before the energy field arrived. In some parts of your planet when it came those disruptions were lessened and in other parts it was intensified. So it is really hard to say how it will effect a majority of the people. Some of the people will react in different ways. Some will act in fear, some will act out of surprise, some will act out of shock. It will be all different reactions. It is really hard to say exactly what will happen. It is one of those factors that we try to plan for but cannot fully predict.
R; Now Iíve heard two reports about our passage through the cloud. One is 24,000 years and one is 12,000 years. Which is the actual number?
Omal; Neither actually. You go through approximately every 36,000 years.
R; Oh.
Omal; If you add the two numbers together, what do you get?
R; 36,000. Now at the point of Earthís history that it went through last time was in the wanning days of Atlantis?
Omal; Correct.
R; So that situation was already on the way out?
Omal; Correct.
R; So the cloud polarized the various parties involved.
Omal; Correct.
R; Leading to a final goodnight kiss.
Omal; That is an odd way of putting it but yes.
R; Now there is a channeling that says it will stabilize our weather patterns?
Omal; Again it is really one of those factors that we lack information on. Certain personnel that visit the base have more information than I have in my head. I am more concerned with what is going on with your planet. The last time I watched with anxiety as these events occurred. It was not the first time I had witnessed these events as they occurred in the waning days of Atlantis, when it happened the first time that I witnessed it, it was not so as intense. So this time I watch things with trepidation wondering if it will be a repeat performance of Atlantis or the earlier visitation. It is really hard for me to say. So watching and waiting is really all that we can do at this time unless higher personnel wish to let us know exactly what is going on. John, do you have any questions at this point?
J; Yes, Iíd really like to get into the physics of this photon cloud or patch. It is something that our solar system passes through?
Omal; Yes, it is not a visible cloud. It is an energy cloud that is made up of various photonic particles that react to each other in an agitated state creating an enhanced energy field which if you were to condense it into a visible form would appear like a shimmering mist. That you can see through. The way that it works is that each photon is bouncing off each other photon which is creating energy bursts that can be felt.
J; Does our galaxy in itís travels pass through it? Or is it part of our galaxy that our solar system passes through.
Omal; It part of your galaxy. If it was something that your galaxy passed through it would be a once only until the contraction occurs and then it would pass through again. But the fact remains that it is part of your galaxy in itís rotational pathway.
J; Does the size of the cloud vary?
Omal; Yes it does, it is the same cloud that you pass through. But because of the rotation of your galaxy, it increases and decreases with certain cycles generated at the heart of your galaxy. These circumstances which increases and decreases the size vary wildly with energy pulses from such things as pulsars, quasars, and super novas. And also black holes. The more energy that is put off by these objects that interact with a black hole of an interesting size depends on the size of the photon cloud.
J; Does it affect other planets as much as it affects Earth?
Omal; It depends on the gravitational field and organic matter upon those planets.
J; Is there life in the solar system besides the planet Earth?
Omal; I really canít answer that at this time.
J; I didnít think so.
Omal; It was worth a try. Okay, last questions please.
R; Was the first time you witnessed this Lemuria?
Omal; No it was after, if you do the mathematics you will see where and when it was.
J; I would assume that other solar systems and other galaxies experience the same thing?
Omal; Yes, they do. Sirius for example will be entering it in approximately or reaching your stage of it in thirty to fifty years. Uh, Alpha Centari, shortly before that. Other galaxies we really canít give you that much information on as they are outside our sphere of influence. But I would assume so from research expeditions that have spent an enormous amount of time and energy traveling from one galaxy to another and returning. Possibly, have information that similar events do occur in those galaxies. You have to remember that the nearest neighboring galaxy is two million light years away. Thank you.
J; Thank you very much.
R; Very informative Omal, thank you.
Omal; Your welcome, farewell.

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