Taal; Greetings Russ, greetings Johnny. How are you both functioning?
Russ; Iím functioning quite well.
Johnny; Yes, me too.
Taal; Good. Now, technical report on missing aircraft. First of all there is no such thing as bad pilot. Bad pilots do not live long.
J; So youíre eliminating pilot error, is that what youíre saying?
Taal; correct. We are trained very well. Battle report from surviving aircraft. Appeared out of 6th dimension, started patrol parameters. Patrol area from North California to Utah, down to Arizona. Jumped over South Utah, approximately 15 unidentified objects attacked. One aircraft down. Attack occur on aircraft being shadow. From the ground came the bulk of the force from the mountains. Unable to track at such low level due to the fact that magnetic field from planet and from mountains, trees and bodies of water. Pilots not follow normal procedure of one high, two low. They fly in group. Inexperienced. Inexperience in this case proved deadly. Pilots also very lax in following procedure. Fortunately patrol ending itís patrol was able to arrive on the scene. Unfortunately too late. One aircraft down, pilot terminated, all material beyond recovery or retrieval.
R; Did we get any of theirs?
Taal; No, they ran when we arrived. And when I say we, I mean we.
J; So they were waiting for them?
Taal; Yes, ambush.
R; Did he leave any loved ones behind?
Taal; Yes, his sons and daughter are fine, his wife or bondmate is sad but understands that it happens. Procedure is trained to save lives. If not, this is what happens.
R; With the one high two low scenario, how could this of been avoided?
Taal; Because being high, you can see movement easier. The two low act as necessary backup or decoy.
R; But even against those odds?
Taal; He wouldíve been able to warn them, they couldíve retreated or been prepared for the attack.
R; Now do you run simulator scenarios where youíre up against 5 to 1 odds like that?
Taal; We run even higher.
R; Oh really?
Taal; weíve been known to run 12 or 20 to 1. Then it becomes a fight for survival. Survival is the key. If necessary eject , eject, eject, Iím out of here.
R & J; (laughter)
J; So taking the same scenario this pilot lost his life in. A more experienced pilot in the correct formation would have gotten his way out of it?
Taal; Correct.
R; Iím sorry this had to happen.
Taal; Thank you, I will pass on your message. I must away.
R; Farewell Taal.

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