Letter From The Editors

For August of 2021

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   It isn't written down in any law books, it isn't recognized by any court of the land but yet it is a law that rules the lives of most people on the planet. Simply put, the law of continuity says, if it works, repeat. This often disregards the long-term impacts of short-term solutions. It is true in building codes, business regulations and a hesitancy to act on the obvious evidence of climate change. But it is also personal decisions made by everyday people to follow the examples set by their parents because it is what they learned. Then comes years of schooling in a curriculum that is rarely updated with new information or in the ways that is taught. A career path comes along that follows a long line of other career paths that came before and are constantly recycled. Retirement arrives and the person now starts to catch up on the free time given through a life of continuity. It's no one's fault and anyone could be excused for going with what has worked before. Success in life logically lies in continuing where it has led to success in others. But how many lives does it take to look for more than the status quo and see the benefits that comes with a higher consciousness? Death has no control over the law of continuity because it basically means continuing without end. The time between incarnations is just another life that continues a chain of lives training for the next dimension through thoughts, decisions and actions. Let's look at how that can be done while staying within the limits of the law.

   Continuity is essential for many things and we could not live our lives without the security of the routines that maintain our existence and our sanity. It is when the routines become so comfortable that they can begin to rule our lives. Almost a cognitive dissonance is formed where information is blocked that contradicts an individual's belief system. Changing beliefs is out of the question so that information is filtered out of perception. Religions and cults depend on it, economies could not be maintained without it, and we would not be here if our planet did not stay a certain distance from the sun. Life after life we return to this planet or another third dimensional planet of a similar nature and pick up where we last left off just a little bit wiser. The cycle never ends and we continually strive to survive until survival is no longer an option. Parents, agreed upon before birth, pass on the teachings their parents taught them and so on through the generations. The flaw in the law of continuity is that it will eventually alter the planet and its people in fundamental ways that will require new paradigms of thinking. Expecting the life our parents had and improving on it now means improving the ways things have always been done. The reason for the improvement is that is is a part of our ascension path. Twenty years into the twenty-first century and everywhere it can be seen that the lessons of that path are getting harder as people begin to worry for their existence and the well-being of their family in the future. So, while the law is hard to break, it can be bent to our advantage.

     Then there is the lack of continuity. 2020 and 2021 have seen generational chains broken with a resurgent pandemic, communities going up in smoke as temperature records break with consistency, months worth of rain fall in a forty-eight hour period and wipe whole cities. Normal seems like a word out of ancient history. Scientists, New Age teachers, and the planet have been trying the wake humanity up to the dangers faced by ignoring nature and so nature has to make the lessons more extreme. The good news is that all the changes taking place are for the greater good. It was inevitable that the exploiting the resources of the planet and then putting those resources into the atmosphere would have an adverse effect which then forces action from governments and consciousness raising possibilities for the individual. One can sit by a drying stream and worry that one day it will all be gone or one can look into the water and find peaceful meditation watching the water flowing by. A lack of continuity means another form of normalcy is required which is the acceptance of the now. Fear of the future causes stress and that is hard on both decision making and a person's health. As mentioned, now it is time to take a look at some of the ways in which one can bend the law of continuity in our favor.

     As with everything, consciousness has levels with three distinct ones here on the third dimension. That you are reading this says you are at least at level two and well in on your ascension path. No one comes across New Age teachings by accident, it is a result of lives lived at level one where there is no more to life than the continuity of living until you're dead without even a belief system to find peace in faith. To be at level two means you seek answers to life's mysteries, you're a student as well as a teacher by just your words and actions in everyday life. Level threes take that teaching to the next level as well as the advanced lessons they search out through either experience or research. Or, they may instead interact with a select group and work together to advance their learning. All three levels will eventually lead to ascension and it is all in the learning that takes place beforehand which determines when that happens. No one level is better than another because many of those lessons took place in the lives previous to this one. It's impossible to tell which last lessons are required to move from the third dimension so routines are maintained that have always worked in the past. Bending the law of continuity means adding in new routines that focus more on changing dimensions. There are two we suggest to those at any level looking for tips on how to move up. The first is mental shielding that we have done an editorial on previously and the second is mental drifting. You do that by closing your eyes and find a shape or image behind your eyelids that you focus your attention on while letting the physical sensations around fade away to nothingness. Lucid dreaming or astral travels may occur with repeated practice so plan your drifting accordingly. Continuity is crucial, just make it work the best for you no matter the level.

In love, light and wisdom,

Russ and Karra