Just to remind everyone that Korton is the head of communications for Ashtar Command but will sometimes channel when is not too busy in his schedule.

Korton; Greetings and felicitations Russ.
Russ; Greetings Omal.
Korton; I hardly think so. Due to the fact that my esteemed colleague will not be present tonight, due to the fact of meetings, I will be acting in the capacity as the censor.
R; Thank you Korton, this is quite an honor.
Korton; You are welcome. OK, let me give a dissertation on the evolution of communication from simple grunts and groans to the eloquence that we have achieved and you have achieved to this point with precise underlines in certain areas. Now primitive communication serves the same function as does verbal and mental communication, it is just done in different ways. When you look at communications that were scraped and painted on walls in the past, they were the same as words crammed into a much more different form. To understand the consciousness from paintings on walls to communications with pictures with vocal words spoken, the development of language involves more possible stimuli than you could perceive. For Example, hands, facial, eyes, body, looks, when I say looks I am not meaning looking in a particular way with facial features, I mean in the way an individual looks at something is what I am referring to. The necessary eloquence that is developed now, also developed in the most primitive forms of communication. The consciousness in the mind and the growth and the ability to communicate, has not changed that much in many thousands of years. To understand the importance of communication, is the objective of communicating itself. If you do not communicate well, or use words and meanings that are not understood and not understandable or mispronounced, then the point of communication becomes irrelevant because misunderstanding and all the problems that creates or occurs. Communication at point breaks down. But, if you cannot be understood due to different linguistic abilities, pronunciations or languages, you can still be understood by the most basic and simple method of communication for someone who is unable to communicate on a vocal level. That would be pictures. Any questions?
R; Yes, two questions I'd like to start with. Painting on walls as you mentioned in it's primitive form has developed in some places as graffiti.
Korton; Correct.
R; Pictures being the simplest form of communicating, which brings me to my next question. Last week Kiri brought up the split up of Atlantis from the four points to the different parts of the world.
Korton; Correct.
R; I'd like to work a little bit on the evolution of the speech patterns that developed after that split.
Korton; OK. First of all, let us address the people that came from what you would call the Southwest area. Atlantis was broken not only up into races, but into linguistic areas. They spoke a common language but each race had it's own language. A good example is Sirius. My assistant, who comes from a different part of the planet, has a different accent than either Kiri or Karra. When they talk among themselves, They will speak in their particular dialect and area that they're from. For all intense purposes, they speak a different language. My assistant and her sister speak in a lowland dialect and in a lowland language. Kiri and Karra speak in a highland dialect and language when they are private. But, when they are communicating with my assistant and her sister, they speak in the common Sirian language. So there is an ethnic pride that is maintained. The ethnic pride is there for a reason as it was in Atlantis. If you take the individuals in the low lying Southwestern areas, they were into fishing and farming, so they had naturally a different language because the sea and the land was important. For the people in the Northeastern part of Atlantis, living in the highlands and the rugged areas, the language of the animals and under the ground was important. So they had more of an interest in animals and internally within the mountains and hills. The people in the central area where the capital was located, had their own legal language which even today continues. If you have a group of lawyers and barristers and judges and lawmakers, for all intense purposes they do speak a different language. Do you understand what a baylaw is?
R; No
Korton; It is somebody that acts to evict somebody. Let us take a simple phrasing. "If a baylaw, due to his action, lets an individual lapse into debtinue, but this ocurs before debtinue becomes debtinue, then the baylaw is negligent in his actions." But that means nothing if you do not know what a baylaw or a debtinue is.
R; I see.
Korton; So, the different languages on the island of Atlantis, were there for a particular function. It is easier for those individuals to communicate quicker and faster vocally in their native language or their native dialect between themselves, but they had a common dialect which they would all speak on the island as they do on Sirius. It creates racial pride in their language which strengthens the race and therefore drives the individuals harder to do better than the other races and individuals. Because their language is better than the other languages, which it is not but it is still pride to believe that your languages are better than somebody else's. For example, on your planet, people that speak a language well and precisely and are understood by a majority, are thought of more highly than a individual that uses slang and jargon that is understood by a few.
R; Understandable. What about the hieroglyphics that you see in Egypt?
Korton; They are pictures, they tell a story, they represent ideas.
R; I see. So is this a preservation for the future of history without having to go to the Sirian language or something similar to that?
Korton; No. The only reason the Egyptian language was broken up and able to be understood was because of one stone.
R; The Rosetta Stone.
Korton; Correct. It had all three languages on there. If it did not have a language that was still read and understood, the other two languages would have meant nothing. They would still be just pretty pictures with people assuming that certain images represented certain things. It gives a basic understanding of what goes on.
R; I see, similar to the Mayan codices?
Korton; Correct. Let us go back to the most simple form of communication, the drawings on a cave. You have a scene. You have stick figures chasing an animal throwing what appears to be spears. But what if that's not exactly the case? What if the people are throwing offerings at the creature? Or, the objects are coming from the creature? You see you have to think of the other possible options.
R; Well for example from the Northeastern quarter of Atlantis, we see instead of the hieroglyphs of Egypt, we're seeing actual stone constructions that actually tell more in the way they were built than could huge encyclopedias.
Korton; Again it is a matter of culture. A culture that lives from the land and under the land does not have much time to be able to have a well written writing system. A well thought out system. So they have to do their writing in large stones.
R; I see. Then the last one we have left is in the Northwestern quarter. Which leaves I believe the America's? Which we don't see much left over except in the case of mounds and remnants of an earlier hieroglyphic roots.
Korton; Again it is a matter of environment. It is a matter of what is environmentally suited. For example. Buildings with high roofs would be culturally unsuited in that kind of environment.
R; So we're seeing the Mayans and if you look farther South, the Incas with a higher level of education. We're seeing a knowledge of calendars, a knowledge of the stars, a knowledge of hieroglyphics, a knowledge of pyramids as you do in Egypt. It seems as though with the same latitude you see the same level of constructions. Then as you see in England and Western Europe you see the same kin of constructions as you see in North America. Why would that be?
Korton; It's obvious. As they flee you have groups from the highlands in the North part of the island getting pushed to Europe and the continent of the Americas. And in the South you have the people from the lowlands and the government system being pushed from the Southeast and the Southwest.
R; So because the Southwest quarter was more farming, you wouldn't see the sophistication that you see in Egypt and Greece?
Korton; In a way yes. It is a little bit more complicated and we really don't have the time to go into detail on these matters. You must remember, I am a communicator.
R; Correct, and you have helped me a lot in the communication aspects of this split up.
Korton; Thank You.
R; Thank you Korton.
Korton; I will be back. I have to do what Omal does. Censor.

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