Tia; I have a communiqué to read, OK, official, from Mars. There has never been any evidence to suggest that there is life on any other planets at this time. We have never been visited by aliens.
Russ; (laughs)
Tia; We've learned that with rovers running around we just throw rocks at it and it keeps it quite happy for hours. Well, a different How To Astral Travel for other people;
 Now, this is more of a religious setup. This is for people who are more into the spiritual nature of astral travels. Spiritual beliefs such as your Druidisms, Shamanistic practices, and so on. OK, now this is a little bit like a dream quest and it involves three days prior. Starting on the first morning, you drink high protein drinks such as milk, juices, nothing else. At lunch time you drink the same setup. And for dinner, the same thing. Milk, you can have chocolate milk if you like, fruit juices such as orange juices, grape juices, apple juices, combinations of juices but they have to be pure juices, not watered down juices. After dinner you meditate. You sit in a darkened room in the lotus position or just legs crossed and have candles lit around you. All white candles in a circle. And you meditate for an hour looking within yourself.
Day two, you get up early, about six o'clock in the morning, you meditate. Again in a darkened room with candles all around for an hour. For breakfast you have just milk. Plain milk. For lunch, plain milk. For dinner, you have plain milk. Nothing else. If you smoke, you do not smoke at this time. You stop smoking on the first day. If you drink, sorry, can't drink. If you do drugs, can't do drugs. OK, the evening of day two. You set up your circle with your candles lit and you meditate again for an hour. Looking within yourself and quelling the ever speaking voice of your mind so that it is blank.
Day three, water for breakfast, water for lunch and water for dinner. Keep the fluids up you see. Now, you go down to the darkened room with the candles, you set up your circle, you lay down in your circle. You meditate, you look deep within yourself and you repeat a mantra, ''I am like the wind, I am like the wind'' over and over again. It doesn't have to be that but that is a sample mantra. You could use ''I will astral travel, I will astral travel.'' Now, quiet the internal voice. Make sure everything within you is nice and quiet. You visualize a point of light and you focus on that point of light. Now you feel yourself get lighter and lighter or, you may see images popping in front of you. pictures of all sorts of things. Let them come and let them go. Just keep lying there.
Now, day four. Go back to the milk, just milk cause you need that protein. Do your morning meditation, your lunch time drink of milk and then your dinner time drink of milk. Go down to your darkened room, lay down in your circle and think of nothing. Absolutely nothing. Now it has to be a darkened quiet room. Now your setup for your circle. White candles only, all the way around. Your circle should be drawn hopefully on bare ground. Stone, wood, whatever and draw it with chalk and line it with rock or sea salt. This way you're protected from any negative entities externally.
OK, any questions?
R; Yes, this is a nice setup you describe. What are the origins of it?
Tia; Well we, meaning Mark and myself did some research and it is kind of a druidish astral travel ceremony or meditation. We've taken extracts from various native practices.
R; Yes, it sounds sort of Celtic. What if you're more into a Christian persuasion, is there an optional way of doing it.
Tia; we are working on that. We're doing a lot of research and using people on the base to try them out. our problem though is that up here we don't have anybody of your Christian religion. But, we will do our best.
R; That was excellent, thank you.
Tia; You're welcome.

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