Ashtar; Greetings and felicitations Mr. Hatfield. Let us get down and address the matters at hand and the current growth patterns on your planet. During this time of high instability, in both the political international scenes and the national scenes it is necessary to watch carefully and cautiously what is going on. This current predicament in Iraq, it looks like it will blow over and quiet down and go through the entire cycle again. The actions of certain political leaders in their threatening behaviors as in it would be inadvisable to shoot down our U2's. To insure that none are shot down and deflate the situation, the political individuals have canceled U2 flights. This has been basically a bowing and backing down as opposed to carrying on as normal. That is a foolish move which may aggravate the situation more. The accusations of munitions of mass destruction being moved and the inspectors being allowed to go to where they were but are not now, is something that is again a sign of weakness. Everything this individual wants, he is getting. At some point a mistake will be made. It is necessary to watch cautiously what goes on.

On the local national scale, the infighting that is going on within the parties is a benefit for the growth of your country. The more fighting that goes on, the less interference from these politicians that want to force their will on you. So therefore it is now the opportunity you have been waiting for to study, to analyze, to watch and to prepare and plan. It is important that the plans that you lay down are concrete. This is the opportunity that you need to do so.
On a spiritual front. The growth of the planet is proceeding much as has been stated in the past according to projections. The development of individuals and their capabilities and the spiritual growth on a national and international level is growing stronger. The returning to the old ways under the guise of new age is a development which is very desirable and is being fostered by other groups and ourselves. The common discussions between various ethnic, spiritual groups on your planet is becoming more common and from it are coming hybrid religions. But the problem is that there are groups that believe that they have the only way and wish to force it on other individuals and those that do not are less. These individuals should be looked at cautiously as they have their own agenda, they are not of true spiritual growth and development. They are very much in the old school of ''what is in it for me, look after myself and everybody else beware.'' These individuals are very strong, powerful and portray a very corrupt and negative side. So therefore they present a problem in the growth and with this problem they must be dealt with by their peers. We can not interfere other than to point out that they do exist and to watch for them and plan on how to deal with them. They are the potential problem children. They are the group that will give normally developed people on the spiritual front a bad name. They are the ones to watch.
Now, a decision has been made on the connection with the Zetas, the Arcturians, the Peladians, the Reptoids and us. It is a yes. Do you have any questions Mr. Hatfield?
Russ; Yes please, I'd like to start form the end and work back up.
Ashtar; Proceed.
R; With the agreement to go on with the meetings, we now have a chance to bridge certain gaps, how should we best proceed on from here.
Ashtar; First of all, you will open an open channel to those who communicate their acceptance. Then we will have a discussion on how the discussions will be set up. What rules will we all agree on. Who will participate, where will it be held? These negotiations should be very carefully and sensitively done. The information you receive will be relayed to me and it will be relayed back as the answer.
R; Thank you. Now, as to the groups on individuals you mentioned who would represent the negative side of the new age movement. With that, are you talking about groups of individuals with a certain belief system?
Ashtar; Yes. These are the old age groups of the old movements under the guise of the new age movement. The old ways are re-emerging. The beliefs in the old systems are re-emerging. We are watching and through these mediums are communicating what is appropriate in our opinion and we state clearly that it is our opinion. There are other alternatives and those alternatives to certain individuals are stated. Those that are more free thinking we do not state except for there are alternatives.
R; Ok, problems on a national scale, our current instability is part of what you were talking about?
Ashtar; Correct.
R; The markets in the Asian Community and their fluctuations and how they affect us. Is this something to watch very closely also?
Ashtar; Yes. Your assigned political and monetary monitor (Tia) has been watching carefully and cautiously, listen carefully to what she says. She has stated in the past that the problems will start externally. Remember that, listen to what she has to say. Someone with whom I hold in high esteem said that for one so young she is wise. Remember that.
R; One question with our history and what is taking place today. We seem to be in a circle with the changes in our environment. Is this something that reflects on where we've been and because of that we are relearning our lessons from times that we did not learn them or forgot them?
Ashtar; That would be self evident. Your statement has the answer within it. Last question.
R; Now during these talks with the Zetas and the other groups, will there be discussions on a cease fire and the ending of hostilities?
Ashtar; Not at this time due to the fact that these are just preliminary discussions. They are something that will hopefully start soon and end hopefully long after you have ascended, if you learn your lessons. What is your most important lesson to learn at the moment?
R; Patience?
Ashtar; Listen, that is your current lesson.
R; Ahh yes, communications. Thank you Ashtar.
Ashtar; You are welcome. Fare well.

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