Letter From The Editors

For April of 2021

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The Coming of the Founders

   With the myriad of ways in which an individual can identify to feel more at home with who they really are, while I am a United States citizen of the planet Earth, I would have to say I identify as an Atlantean, and here is why. It involves neither race, religion, sexual orientation, or existing country. The ideals and goals of those who colonized the planet hasnít gone away, they will have just evolved into humanityís ideals and goals eventually. Atlantis was about the big lesson that the world doesn't change, it's we who change. When you think about it. the world we live in is set up in a ďHunger GamesĒ motif where almost any point in history can be found where one may find themselves after a reincarnation. That setting learns the provided lessons to move up to a more advanced level using the local resources available but that wasnít the original plan. It will take three parts, but the history of Atlantis as weíve learned through the channeling sessions did have a beginning, middle, and an end that is yet in question. This is the part where we look at who came to colonize Atlantis, why they came, and what happened once they arrived. There really once was an Atlantis, many of those reading this had a life or more in that land. Well, the dream that died so long ago has, like us, only been going through many a reincarnation to reach this point. 

   Short of the dialogues of Plato, little can be found about Atlantis and the mystery behind the lost continent, or as we know from the channelings, more than one landmass made up Atlantis in the beginning. What else the channelings tell us is that this history lesson begins far away on the planet Sirius while it was still in the third dimension and livable but headed for an unlivable state as the radiation increased. We know colonies had already been established by the Sirians on sister planets to Sirius who were also then interacting with those planets they had colonized making Earth another sister planet. They knew that there was a dimension higher than the third and what they were looking for was a fresh planet where they could build a society and new life that they were expecting to see on that higher dimension. It may be possible they were in contact with beings from that higher dimension much as we are through the eyes of those already living there such as those on Hades Base. Whatever the reason, plans were made to colonize our planet in what would seem to be the ideal location. Six other races choose to join the effort and so a fleet was assembled to make the six-month trip. They was a race we now know as the Basque race in the Pyrenees Mountains. Additionally, there was the Red race, the Yellow race, the Dolphin race, the race referred to as Bigfoot, and a race who we now know as Devas. At that point, they still had physical bodies. Itís a staggering concept to imagine what that scene of departure must have been like as the various races began to gather.  

   The makeup of the seven races needs to be examined to get a better understanding of our world today. We know the Sirian contingent had mental powers that were documented in the records of ancient Sirius we posted as the Sirian Chronicles. We can theorize that the race known as the Devas would have had some very advanced mental skills far and above the other races. The compelling vision of the new world seemed to have united them all to a single purpose of ascending away from the disaster that was becoming the world they were leaving. We donít know which other races also called Sirius their home planet, nor do we know if there is an original root race for those humanoid races making the trip. The Dolphin race would have needed special accommodations to survive a trip that long so possibly some kind of hibernation techniques would have been in place for all but the crews manning the ships. Most of the building materials would not be needed to be packed as all could be sourced from the planet once they landed. The other races must have had ways to speak telepathically to be able to communicate between such varied languages of at least two of the races. Then there is the technology required to make a trip of over eight light-years in six months. Instead of the hundred thousand years it would take the spaceships of today, faster than light must have been the means of travel to colonize Earth and all the other colonies established by then. With their desire, technology, and goal in place, they embarked on the long journey to their new home.

   We know through Kiri that the Sirians of today living on their ascended planet do not have the cargo manifests from that colonization so it is a mystery as to what they would have brought with them. We also donít have records of their initial arrival and what steps would have been taken to begin building their dream. Going with the best guesses that make the most logical sense, the ships most likely would have assumed an orbit around the Earth. Shuttles would have set up a base camp and landing zone before more advanced descents would be made by the main ships themselves possibly which would be salvaged after serving their purposes required. It is hard to say how long it would take for everyone to be brought out of hibernation if it had been utilized and entire cities would be built up as more and more colonists were added to the population. The Dolphin race and the helpers assisting them would have found seas vast and unexplored as would each of the races that were spreading out to the parts of Atlantis that best suited their needs. What we do know from theorizing with Korton about the subject is that the lands were divided up between races and linguistic areas. We will delve more into some more best guesses in next monthís editorial to explore where all that technology and mental powers would have led to had they not brought division with them that killed the potential we are now fulfilling.    

In love, light, and wisdom as one, 

Russ and Karra