Russ; How's it going Alana?
Alana; I'm doing fine. 
Russ; Good, excellent. I have a question for you.
Alana; Uh Huh…..
R; I was watching a special on dolphins and the places where they tend to congregate. According to the show I saw, the only one place in the world where the dolphins seek out humans is that place in Australia, Monkey Mia. Now I'm looking at Cancun where you can find dolphins to swim around with. Now is this a change in dolphin behavior? Are they seeking humans out more now?
Alana; No. In the past the used to seek out and help humans all the time. 
R; Well there seems to be an increase in places to interact with them. 
Alana; It is because they are feeling safe again. It used to be that when you had dolphins around, what else would be around?
R; Fish. And they were getting netted and killed all the time.
Alana; That's right. Now they're starting to feel safe again. No longer are you the big bad guys. 
R; Well how's everything going at the Lake Dolphin? Anything new?
Alana; No, nothing much except for they're playing a lot and the one pregnant dolphin going off and hiding a lot. She's gotten close to her delivery time and she doesn't want to be bothered by the other dolphins. 
R; Are there any super-operant dolphins?
Alana; Yes.
R; Do they have any of the same problems regular super-operant people have.
Alana; I don't know really. But dolphins don't have the usual stresses and strains that people do. I got asked the other day by one of the dolphins when I was using an experimental headset to translate what he was saying right? And he wanted to know why was it that I wore skin. An external skin.
R; A wetsuit?
Alana; Uh Huh, I told him because the fact that I could dive deeper in the water and stay there longer with him if I used a breathing apparatus and a covering that kept me warm. He said they preferred me with my normal skin and they would come up when I was around and stay where it was warmer. So I've done away with my wetsuit skin.
R; So how's this experimental thing working? It sounds like you've reached some goals that you've been working on for awhile?
Alana; It takes a longer time. I want to be able to do away with the communication setup, the headset. I want to be able to do it mind to mind. I think there are some mental programs I have to learn.
R; This is what the translator does?
Alana; Yes, that's what I mean by the mental programs. 
R; Now, you've heard Tia speaking Durondudenn right?
Alana; Yes.
R; Now her speaking uses a lot of inflections and changes in volume, pitch amd tempo..
Alana; And tone.
R; Right, and tone. Is it similar to dolphin in that the nuances are so slight that it would take someone who speaks dolphin to understand it?
Alana; That is correct. I am taking mind programming classes at the moment which is very entertaining.
R; Why is that?
Alana; Well it's a whole new learning experience for me. It involves not so much imagery but thought patterns. 
R; So you have to control your thought patterns very much.
Alana; Right. It's not so much visualizing in colors but there's a lot of mathematical equations and you have to know what they mean…to be able to generate the thought pattern to do so. It's not visualizing any more.
R; Why mathematical equations?
Alana; Because you need the mathematics to formulate the waves. 
R; I always thought listening to dolphin speech that it was a series of clicks, whistles and......
Alana; But see there's inflection. 
R; Well is it a number of tones divided by a number of tones kind of deal? 
Alana; No. The wave form patterns and the mathematical formulas are what makes the wave behave in a particular way. If you use O over 3 divided by 7 multiplied by M add in C equated by F2F1… see that makes the wave behave in a particular wave form. 
R; What does O stand for?
Alana; O stands for the oscillation level. F2 stands for the frequency level which isn't to be confused with F or F1 which is something else I'm not too sure about, you'll have to ask Kiri.
R; Well thank you very much my dear, I'm going to let you go and try I'll try to comprehend all this.
Alana; OK, bye.

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