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Tia; OK, let's get down to business and start tonight's session. By Mark's clock it is seven dot double zero.
Karen; Hi Tia. How are you doing?
Tia; I'm doing reasonably well.
Johnny; Hi there.
Tia; Greetings Johnny.
J; Greetings.
Tia; I see our resident communicator is not here yet.
K; He'll be here shortly.
Do you have questions for me?
K; I have a couple of questions.
Tia; OK.
K; One, and I don't know if you can answer it but I'll give it a shot anyway. I need to know if there is any way possible to conceive in astral travel?
Tia; None whatsoever.
K; Absolutely none?
Tia; Absolutely none. Let me put it this way. How can you conceive in an astral form that doesn't have the equipment in the astral level?
K; Well you know how Mark and Russ go solid up there?
Tia; Yes…..
K; Say you do something of that sort and you go to that place and conceive. Could you bring it back with you?
Tia; Yes and no. It involves certain technical questions that I'm not familiar with and can't release. It is possible to be quote ''abducted'' and taken to places and be inseminated one way or another.
Russ; Good evening.
Tia; Good evening. OK, let us continue. It is easier for a male to be the inseminator as opposed to the female. When you create a body up here, you are collecting all the molecules and they are falling into a pattern which is aligned within the body creating certain gene codes so that you are for all intense purposes, physical. Even in the astral form when you go solid up here it is exactly the same, you are physical.
K; OK, Tia, so you're actually saying that a man could make a woman conceive?
Tia; In the physical form on an astral level. For example, you have two people that go solid on an astral level, now we're talking about people that know how to do this, not think that they know how to do it, but actually know how to do it. For example if I went into the astral world and collected enough energy to go solid, and Mark did likewise, though I don't know how to make myself go completely solid, so that rules me out, but supposing I did. We could conceive. And then popping back through to the real world, I would be pregnant. But, I don't know how to do it and there are very few people that do know how to do it and you do know how to do it. You have to be able to have done it a lot of times to be able to conceive. It's a neat trick, a real neat trick and as far as I know, there isn't anybody that has for the simple reason that both parties have to plan the whole entire thing. Going solid, conceiving, returning back to the body.
K; Say I'm down here and I get visited and feel more or less everything including the weight, you see this person and you know exactly what this person looks like. You think you got pregnant with somebody else, and the DNA test says no possible way. Then you remember that you had actually done this in some sort of a dream state and you're pregnant.
Tia; Again, both parties have to be willing and consenting because babies are made with love and even babies that are created in test tubes are made with love. the desires of parents are so strong that they need that child. Even if it's not the mother's egg or the father's sperm, but love has made that child because they want a child so badly and love it so dearly. However, abductions do occur for whatever reason.
K; So you can pregnant from an abduction then?
Tia; Yes. It has happened.
R; What about rape. That isn't conceiving a child in love?
Tia; No, that is not.
K; But that's not an abduction.
Tia; For example, I know Mark would never do that but let say that he gets a crazy idea and decides to rape a young lady and she gets pregnant. Well for the action to occur that has to be some kind of passion to get the blood flowing in the male.
K; You mean lust.
Tia; Exactly. But it is the desire that is there. It's a little harder when it comes to rape. A rape is a mental state of mind. An intent and probably a lust or a desire for that woman at that time. I don't know how the minds of men work if indeed at all they work in those instances.
K; OK, now can abductions be from your soul mate or are these abductions from people that we really shouldn't be dealing with at all?
Tia; Some can be from a soul mate, some could be from people that you really don't meet .
K; OK, so if they can be made through a soul mate, cause I'm still trying to figure out who my second daughter belongs too, and it's really driving me up the wall the thing is, I remember this person being very tall, having black and gray hair, really nice looking, weighing really close to 260 or 280, and I remember feeling his weight, I remember ha it was the best sex I ever had.
Tia; This is a bit of a personal question, but were you taking any type of substance?
K; No, this was back in 1984. I was very faithful to one man, who happened to be six foot four as well, and no I wasn't on any type of drugs of whatsoever at that time.
Tia; The mind can do some incredible things, especially in the throws of passion, the mind can create some things, It's real hard to explain, you'll have to talk to Karra.
K; As I remember, I just decided to take a nap and I remember just zooming off into nowhere land.
Tia; You see, you were mentally into such a deep sleep and your boyfriend wasn't?
K; No, I was at home, my boyfriend wasn't there. OK, see and on the DNA test's, it proved that he wasn't the father. But, my daughter is already five foot eight and she's only twelve years old, and I'm only five six and a half. My second daughter is sixteen and she is very short. Oh well that's enough about that subject.
Tia; I, having been there have a unique perspective. I remember hearing the voices around me, I remember seeing the light, I remember being stopped from crossing over because I was told it was not my time and I was told that I had to go back to my body. Now I remember more voices whispering, asking me questions I didn't understand.
J; Can I ask a two part question?
Tia; Sure.
J; All right, as a beginning astral traveler, does your risk of alien abduction go up?
Tia; No, actually it works the other way, the better you get the higher it gets. That's because at that point you become a bright spark that is, ''oh my what's that bright spark?'' But as a beginner, you're quite safe and it's more possible to get possessed or pick up something from fatigue or do something that your not meant to do like pass through a core of nuclear reactor and you'll end up itching and you'll have to take a shower very quickly. Most problems for early beginning astral travelers is fatigue. They're not experienced in what they're doing and they're going off longer then they should so that they end up very tired. I've noticed that when Mark teaches he wouldn't let the person go for more then maybe, fifteen to twenty minutes. The rest of it is the prepping up time, write that down because it quite a responsibility.
J; Does it matter whether you're in a conscious state or in a dream state?
Tia; Starts off with no, it's not important, it's irrelevant. The fact that your traveling and you know your traveling is the main thing, being aware of what you can't and what you can do is the important thing. Staying away from certain energy fields, staying away from certain areas, these are all important. Not trying to over excert yourself, these are all common mistakes made by beginners, but the higher you go, your risk factor does increase and you do have to take certain precautions. Other things that you have to watch out for is the more powerful you get as a astral traveler the more attention your going to attract from other people, people tend to hover around Mark from time to time, and he's a known astral traveler in the chat rooms, people will hover around him and ask questions. That's why he split himself into a playful side and a serious side. Being a known astral traveler people come and seek your advice and what happens is that when the technique they are using that you teach them doesn't work, they get angry with the teacher and not themselves because they're not following it step by step. Usually they're missing some key factor somewhere. Anyway, I've got to put on the next speaker.

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