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For September Of 2013

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Rituals of the Mind

If everyone is shouting, no one can hear the lone voice in the wildness. That is the way it is with telepathy, how do you hear just one voice out of the many? In the cacophony of multiple minds, to speak or listen to just one person takes training. While the world is not speaking mind-to-mind at present, who's to say whether in our children's, children's, children's time, that may not be the case. And with the rules of rebirth in place, that could mean it may be ourselves in that far off future. With that as a very real possibility, it can be made more so by getting into practice now.

After years of working with telepaths and having one for a twin soul, some etiquette has been made known to me and the rest is just common sense. Past lives and years spent being raised in a 3rd dimensional environment have led us to acquire prejudgements, prejudices, envy, and opinions best kept to our selves. In a telepathic community, that is something hard to do so those in that community have already learned they aren't constructive for growth anyway.

Eliminating those traits from our thinking now, takes a dedicated yet doable ritual maintained on a constant basis. On the base, it is the many species of beings one deals with on a daily basis as well as the genders, races and lifestyles that we down here subconsciously or consciously categorize. In that possible future, we too may have multiple races we would be interacting with us a daily basis so how does one prepare for a future of mind-to-mind communication? One has to start small, such as the simple continuous ritual of having total empathy for everyone and everything.

As Sananda said in the "Fulfilling Oaths" podcast, "Don't crucify yourself". He was of course speaking of his life in the 3rd dimension as Jesus Christ and it is from his experience that we can begin to acquire that empathy. His time on the cross as a 10th dimensional being in a 3rd dimensional body allowed him the ability to block the pain but that is not what he choose to do. He used his higher dimensional understanding to instead affect other people but restricted himself from self-healing. When we reflect on his suffering, we can empathize with what he went through and what he went through was a better grasping of the human experience. A sacrifice that to this day helps him do the work he does.

Taking a page from his book then brings the lesson to do unto others and be grateful for what others do to you, regardless of anything other than the fact that they are human. They too may be sharing that long, far-off future with you. As a final note to help in getting there, remember his other lesson that to ascend to great heights, one must start from great depths. Even if getting there means having had to travel from great heights like Sananda.

In love and light,

Russ & Karra,