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For October Of 2013

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Blueprint For Humanity

Part one of four

One B.C., a dark but exciting time in humanity’s long history.

    Lemuria had already broken up under the waves of the Pacific and ten thousand years had passed since the continent of Atlantis had also disappeared. The survivors of those disasters who escaped to the Americas, Egypt, and Europe were already well along their chain of reincarnations. The grand vision of Atlantis ascending to the 6th dimension submerged as well amid the carnage of factional fighting.

    Five hundred years earlier, Prince Siddhartha had left the comfortable life of his father’s palace and family on his way to finding enlightenment and becoming Guatama Buddha, the Supreme Buddha. Having achieved the goal sought by so many for so long, he had moved on to new dimensions while his teachings, sermons, and deeds were making major changes of consciousness throughout India to China and beyond.

    In the Middle East, Rome ruled this part of the world with a heavy hand, it had subjugated much of the known modern world and was about a hundred years prior to reaching the height of its power. Polytheism was the norm and so it was that the Jewish people stood out as different and were thus persecuted. Its faith had been fractured over conflicting doctrines and familial civil wars which had ended with the Roman annexation of Judea. In the temples, graft and corruption were rampant with the priests and the authorities working hand-in-hand to maintain their power base.

    But going on in the background since before Atlantis had its first building was an unfolding plan that would forever alter this dark chapter in Earth’s history. Another transition as had taken place in the East was about to happen and the timing couldn’t be better. The prophets had foretold his coming, John the Baptist was continuing their work until finally the angel Gabriel gave the mother of Jesus a forewarning of what was to come. And so it was that Sananda’s manifestation from the 10th dimension into the womb of Mary began a series of miracles that would sweep in a new religion of hope.

    Some say a star, others say a UFO with really bright running lights led the wise men to a manger in Bethlehem where a child whose aura must have felt like a star itself was born. Humble beginnings and a humble life were to follow but that was also part of the plan. Like Siddhartha, he too had to experience the full gamut of the human condition. Angelic interventions and knowledge beyond his years by age twelve gave hints of his future potential but what happened when he turned thirty will have to wait for now. 

Next month, A Man on a Mission- the Ministry of Sananda

In love and light as one,

Russ and Karra,