Letter From The Editors
For August Of 2013

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Welcome Aboard........A Metaphor

Greetings to the passengers and crew of Spaceship Earth, celebrating it's 100 billionth day of efficient operations.

   To celebrate this momentous occasion, a cocktail party will be held on the Lido deck at 4:00. We know you have a number of options when cruising and thank you for choosing Earth……again. Karra and I will be your cruise directors for this current itinerary and would also like to pass along a word of welcome from our ship's captain, Sananda. He wishes to inform you that while storms are possibly expected, the bulk of the cruise will be in fair weather and an enjoyable time is planned for all.

   A number of seminars and events have been prepared along the way and we encourage you to participate in those you feel drawn to but you are also welcome to spend the trip reading a good book. This will be a transitional cruise without any stops before reaching the 6th dimension as was noted on your tickets at the time of embarkation. This is not to say this trip will not have excursions but they will be limited to those passengers and crew with the ability to astral travel. The planned lifeboat and emergency drills have been canceled due to the short length of the cruise………comparatively.

   Our activities director Omal, has scheduled a seminar at 1:00 to take place on the Promenade deck which focuses on what it takes to operate Spaceship Earth. One of the topics to be discussed are the various responsibilities of the crew and how they keep this great ship running. Several of them will join the seminar to explain their roles on board. They include the ship's communication director, the ship's doctor, the chief steward and the chief engineer. As a special treat, our celebrity chef will make an appearance as will both Karra and myself.

   Tuesday brings another special treat with a seminar hosted by our captain who will be presenting a slide show of an earlier cruise in the Mediterranean he took. This seminar is not for the weak of heart or impressionable children. Due to his fame at the time, he had to travel under the pseudonym of Jesus Christ which caused all kinds of confusion with the locals when he revealed who he really was. Suffice to say, future cruises since then have been far more entertaining for the passengers if not a bit chaotic for the security personnel. Sananda will cap off the seminar with a discussion on how reports of his death were greatly exaggerated at the time. A question and answer session to follow along with a light lunch. Apparently, there has been some confusion among a large number of the passengers on whether he was on future cruises after that one. He hopes if enough interest is shown, it will lead to a series of seminars of a similar nature.

   If in the event you need to leave the cruise prior to our destination, we encourage you to revisit the ship and perhaps join as part of the crew if you aren't already. We have a wonderful compensation plan with work hours you set yourself. Please let one of the concierge staff know of your intentions and they will guide you to the acknowledgment you have already been accepted.

Welcome to the crew…..

With love and light,

Russ & Karra.