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    For a long time now we have explored various topics in this column and tried to make sense of quite a few others. Last night in session we explored a new twist on bringing all those elements together in living life from a new perspective. For some this will be old hat, but for others like myself it reintroduces the passion for living that we often lack in the quest for the day to day existence.

    It all started with a question on Sananda and how during his incarnation on this planet as Jesus The Christ he foresaw the effects his time spent here would entail and could possibly see the chain of events to the present. The answer is unknowable until he once again visits the base and can answer the question but in the meantime it presents a clue to the possibilities for expanding your awareness.

    If for example he could, it would be like an artist standing in front of a canvas. Already there are patterns that have formed to this point as we catch up to where the artist has already started. In his mind is the completed painting but there is still the matter of the blank canvas that is left. Each stroke of the brush fills out the scene and as the painting takes shape the artist a bit more of him or herself into their creation, composing from the rich tapestry of the imagination those fine lines and sweeps that make up a masterpiece.

    In relating this to living we can use the same analogy to create the masterpiece that is our life here that we have chose. Oftentimes before I have compared our lives to a play or a movie, with each of us as the director, writer and actor. Once again I give you a form of expression to explore as you approach each situation. As Sananda might have done, watch as the thoughts, feelings and communications with others or yourself complement the painting you have started to this point. See how here, this instant merges so well this other moment and just the right word or phrase enhances or perfects this section here. Put all together, the painting is a combination of skill, luck and instinct though the correct word for the endeavor is talent. This is one thing we all have in common, a talent for living. As with art, some are better than others though all are improving constantly. You could say that reality is the art gallery we all hang our pictures in, each a complement to the others. Each is an example of our ability to manifest our destiny in a moment by moment style which is individual to each person, no matter what dimension they live in.

    To all my fellow artists, I feel honored to hang my creation I call life side by side with yours. From Karra and myself, we encourage you to extend this analogy to your own lives and watch your paintings become more beautiful as your find new colors to paint with and new expressions to explore. Remember not to fall into the trap of criticizing yours or anyone else's paintings until the final stroke is applied. Masterpieces seldom start out as great works of art, normally they're merely sketches that need to fleshed out with experience and determination to see it through. Mistakes can be painted over as you learn from them and if no one else likes your painting, so what, art is in the eye of the beholder. It doesn't matter if you paint by numbers or flow like Monet, most great artist had to die before their works were truly appreciated.

    Paint my fellow artists, paint from the joy of living, paint from the heart and all will be right with the world. Paint in abstract, still life or watercolors. Cover your body in paint and throw yourself all over the canvas. Whatever you do, do it with love and let it show through in every brushstroke of the mind. One day we'll all sit back and admire each others work, laughing that we took it so seriously when we have all these other hundreds of other works we did to compare it to.

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