For The Week Of 11-15-96

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   Birthdays; On Nov. 10th. Her children turned Three.

   Skiing will start on Friday.

   There will be a track meet will be on Monday morning.

   There will be no hiking in the mountain area. This is due to Defense Force using it for maneuvers.

   Meeting of ski racing crew has been moved to Thursday.

    The Corner bar will be closed for remodeling. 
Kiri we be hosting a Swim wear & lingerie contest.
Now for a dissertation Omal gave us as a news item relating to a question that was brought up in Spirit Chat concerning dimensions and the forms they take from the 6th to the 8th.

    Omal; Living on the 6th dimension is not a spirit level. A spirit level is where you no longer need a body. This takes place on the 8th. The reason why is that 6th is the next level up from the 3rd. You have to get used to the spirituality and congruity of being on a higher dimension. The 6th dimension is a place where you learn how to use your abilities. That will bring you up to the 7th dimension where the first manifestations of high spiritual vibrations occur. Unlike lower dimensions, it is very common for physical bodies to have a self rejuvenating capability. Understanding this fact that you can rejuvenate in conjunction with the learning of the spiritual control of the physical body leads to the final step before the body becomes irrelevant.

   Now hereís a note on the necessary abilities needed by pilots on Hades Base from Katrina. Newest ace and bond mate of Taal. This was channeled just after the above statement from Omal.

   Katrina; The key to being a successful pilot is not just skill and determination. Luck and desire to stay alive are the most important. Itís no good feeling remorseful for the pilot you engage. They will do it to you if you donít do it to them. You feel sad to have to terminate your enemy, but itís better to remove one person than that one killing many other of your fellow pilots.

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