FOR 10-31-96

Due to me being out of town, I'll try to catch you up with all the latest in the last two weeks up on the base as reported by Tia.

This last week saw the Base's intersection track meet held between the Base's defense force and the pilots, their techs and other service personnel. The defense force won handily and Lyka, a person you'll see channeled once in a while here and a member of th defense force won her heat.

One of Tia's analysts broke her arm while rock climbing near Dolphin Lake and will be out of action for a couple of weeks.

There's a big Salmon festival this weekend to help deplete the rather large population of salmon that have become a bit of a problem in dolphin Lake as that between the base personnel and the dolphins, there's only so much salmon you can eat. Karra will be making a delicious salmon mousse to enjoy and other recipes for the salmon can be contributed to myself or Mark for their use on the base.

The Wookie Compound, (so named for the base's construction crew) got dumped on last week and skiing will begin soon for all base personnel.

Lastly, the new squadron of ships and crews for them have arrived and training has commenced in the flight simulators and ground control areas. Twelve of the older model of ships have been sent back to training areas in Ashtar Command with the arrival of the newer model.

On a personal note, birthday wishes go out to Teena who turns three on Friday.


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